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Is Sister, Sister Any Good? Worth Your Time?

Separated at birth, a pair of twin sisters reunite in their teens, through a sudden encounter in a shopping mall. They might be twin sisters but they find out that they are not really similar to each other. Will they be able to live with each other and share the same experiences?

1.Quick Review

Sister, sister is a light-hearted TV sitcom from the 90s, involving twin sisters who were separated when they were little. It is a fun-filled series that features typical twin shenanigans woven around the theme of growing up.

2. Info Card

Sister, Sister

Air Date: April 1, 1994 Status: Finished Studio: de Passe Entertainment, Paramount Network Television No. of Seasons: 6 No. of Episodes: 119
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3. Is It Worth Watching?

Sister, sister is a show that is silly, fun, and filled with the good part of the 90s TV tropes.

I. Plot

Tia and Tamera are identical twins. They were separated at birth as they were adopted by different families. On a trip to a clothing store in a mall, the twins come across each other for the first time.

Soon, they realise that the two are not very similar to each other. Tia, who was raised by her adoptive mother Lisa, is a meritorious student who wishes to attend Harvard after she graduates from high school. Tamera, on the other hand, is an outgoing and amorous person.

Lisa, Tia’s mother, is more like Tamera. A seamstress by profession, she is uninhibited, spontaneous and sometimes even lustful. Ray, who raised Tamera, is a good father but a strict man. He has a limousine business and identifies more with Tia’s personality than his own daughter’s.

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Sister, Sister Complete Review
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The two parents decide that the twins should grow up together since they have been apart for a long time. Ray allows Tia and Lisa to move into his house where Lisa can set up her own business.

Together, the twins experience the trials and tribulations of growing up and finding a place for themselves in the world.

II. Detailed Analysis

Although the subject of the show is really light, it does deal with some mature themes, mainly, good parenting. Both Ray and Lisa are shown to be caring parents towards the girls, always putting their needs before anything else.

The two parents share a house throughout much of the length of the series. They even briefly dated each other during the fourth season. However, they never failed to give Tia and Tamara a supportive family- something that they could always fall back on.

Sister,Sister Review: Is It Worth Watching?
Tia and Tamera with their Parents

The show also indirectly praises the concept of adoption. In the final season, the twins meet their biological father, Matt Sullivans, a photojournalist. He tells the girls that he was called to Tel Aviv in an opportunity of a lifetime, at the same their mother was asked to paint a mural in Florida. He did not know about the pregnancy.

She promised she would join him but six months later, she stopped writing. He did not know about her death. Matt mentions that he did search for them in the adoption agency but had no luck. Therefore, it is because of adoption that Tia and Tamera had a good childhood and family.

III. Characters

Tia and Tamera are played by real-life identical twins Tia and Tamera Mowry. They are the heart of the series and they play their on-screen counterparts quite well.

 The comedy of the show comes from the interactions between Ray and Lisa. Ray is a dignified man but loses all his bearings around good-looking women. He stutters around them and has multiple slips of the tongue which lead to hilarious misunderstandings. This is why he is the subject of all jokes cracked by Lisa.

However, the funniest character in the series is Roger Evans, the twins’ neighbour and friend. He becomes infatuated with both the twins and cracks the cliched twin jokes which often include sexual advances.

Later, Roger matures to become a total gentleman and one of the closest confidantes of the twins. The character arc from annoying neighbour to the impressive gentleman is one of the best things in the show and is quite pleasantly surprising.

IV. Music

Sister, sister had one of those catchy jingles for the opening credits that all the weekly television shows had in the 90s. In the era of streaming sites and binge-watching, these opening credits jingles are sorely missed.


Sister, Sister

Story: A

Cinematography/Animation: A-

Acting: B+

Music: B+

5. Final Thoughts

Sister, Sister is a family-friendly sitcom from the 90s. It is a good, light-hearted watch for late nights with the family. The characters are people whom you will find around you.

It is a slice-of-life show, commenting on parenthood, family and growing up, without being too preachy or depressing.

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