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Money Heist Season 3 – Dali is back!

The philosophy of this show is summarised in the phrase ‘Bella Ciao’ – which is an Italian folk song and was adopted as the anthem for the anti-fascist resistance during the Nazi occupation of Italy.

The Professor and his crew specifically target the establishment itself. They feel their actions are retribution for all the wrongs done by those in power.

Hence In the earlier season, they robbed the Royal Mint of Spain and in this .. well… 

Season 3 of the show begins with the Professor saying “we have just hit international waters and now the important thing is managing to survive ” and that is when the roller coaster begins. Rio and Tokyo are in paradise, and of course, Tokyo gets bored and decides she wants more from life and leaves the island.

Rio gives her unmarked satellite phones in the hope they will stay in touch.

The phones are their downfall because the first time they speak – Interpol is alerted, and they figure the location of both of them.

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Tokyo narrowly escapes, but Rio is caught!

Using the safe word – Tokyo travels to the Professor and convinces her to help Rio.

Now starts the real show, with plot twists which make for the binge-worthy show that this franchise is known for! 

The Professor calls all the surviving members back and demands the world be told about the capture of Rio – who is being kept at a black site with his fundamental human rights being violated.

Now the Professor decides the only way to get the attention of the authorities it to rob the Reserve Bank of Spain.

A fabulous distraction is created wherein blimps rain down 140 million Euros on the people of Madrid.

This Robin Hood act sets the stage for more than just a regular heist – it’s a propaganda war – being fought between the disenfranchised and the rogue power-mongering state.

It is also part of revenge for Berlin – the Professor’s brother. We learn a lot about his last wish and the fact that this plan to rob the Reserve bank is not the Professor but Berlin’s.

In his words – “The best minds in engineering, physics, fluid mechanics picture them planning a heist.”

Everything about the show is an ode to Berlin. His charismatic vigour and the flashbacks almost give one the feeling that he is present even today in more than just spirit.

The safe itself is designed deep below the earth and such a way that if anyone is to get into it, it floods killing the intruder in moments.

To get in, which is near impossible, the Professor uses ‘AIKIDO’, a Japanese war strategy which teaches using the strength of your enemies in your favour.

Creating huge distractions, the Professors team prepare and manage to enter the Reserve Bank, with a very clever decoy even though eventually, the authorities are inclined to storm it.

That’s when Denver runs out with red boxes from the cracked safe with state secrets.

This is a pivotal moment. Everyone backs off.

This show is a must-watch and one which will make you binge till 4 am! 

Without giving away the real crux of the heist itself, I would leave you with the most inspiring lines of the entire season, which perhaps set the tone for every viewer …

“I’m Tokyo – I’m one of you .. we are Dali… “

Bella Ciao

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