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Japan Braces for a Fourth State of Emergency as COVID Cases Rise Again!

Japan, the host nation of the upcoming Olympics, is one of the worst-hit countries in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Businesses and industries have been affected in the worst possible manner. The economy has also suffered a lot. The third state of emergency was set to end on May 11.


Tokyo Requests 3rd State Of Emergency to Curb Sudden Rise in COVID-19 Cases

Japan has been hit by its worst Covid-19 wave since the 2nd state of emergency since January. Cases have been increasing daily in two of the country’s major cities, Tokyo and Osaka. The country is now seeing the worst of the situations as cases in all prefectures have been hitting their all[…]

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Money Heist Season 3 – Dali is back!

The philosophy of this show is summarised in the phrase ‘Bella Ciao’ – which is an Italian folk song and was adopted as the anthem for the anti-fascist resistance during the Nazi occupation of Italy. The Professor and his crew specifically target the establishment itself. They feel their actions are retribution for all the wrongs […]