Anime News Restaurant to Another World

Fans Excited as Both New Anime Season and Manga of Isekai Shokudo Revealed!

Imagine entering your favorite restaurant and ordering food. Pretty normal stuff, right? But what will you do if you realize that the same restaurant serves food to creatures of another dimension? Will you freak out? Junpei Inuzuka presents this exact idea in the isekai fantasy manga “Restaurant[…]

Anime Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist News

Muse Asia’s Youtube Channel Set To Stream Dr. Ramune anime!!!

A happy news is indeed awaiting the fans of Dr. Ramune – Mysterious Disease Specialist from Southeast Asia. Dr.Ramune and his wacky patients will soon be gracing our nearest screens this Winter! This upcoming anime adaptation of the manga (of the same name) written and illustrated by Toro […]

Anime In/Sprectre News

In/Sprectre Coming Back With Season 2; PV And Visual Released

Moving on from a break-up is hard but it is harder if you are an immortal demon. How would you react if a strange girl claims that she is a goddess of wisdom and professes her love to you? This is what Kuro Sakuragawa, the protagonist of Kyo Shirodaira’s novel “In/Spectre” had to face one […]