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Restaurant To Another World Season 2 October 2021 Release, Latest Updates

Restaurant To Another World won the hearts of many with its earnest tale of an isekai restaurant that changes the lives of its patrons. After an engaging first season, the anime is coming back with its season 2. In the last season, we saw how this anime brings people of different worlds together[…]

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More Dishes And Life Stories Await in Restaurant to Another World 2’s New PV

Isekai anime tend to overdo a lot when it comes to the plot, but Restaurant to Another World is one brilliant exception of the genre. The story is simple yet so engaging and earnest that you fall in love with it. Season 1 left the fans of the anime feeling wholesome and craving some delish[…]

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Beelzebub Season 2: Release Date, Everything to Know!

Beelzebub is a shonen action-comedy that would seem down-right ridiculous to some people. The anime is based on the manga with the same name written by Ryuhei Tamura. It has 28 volumes and is about a student attending school for juvenile delinquents. This gag comedy follows Oga, who is forced to […]