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Beelzebub Season 2: Release Date, Everything to Know!

Beelzebub is a shonen action-comedy that would seem down-right ridiculous to some people. 

The anime is based on the manga with the same name written by Ryuhei Tamura. It has 28 volumes and is about a student attending school for juvenile delinquents. This gag comedy follows Oga, who is forced to raise Beel, the Demon King’s son, to destroy humankind. 

Although the Beelzebub anime had a good run in 2011, it is very unlikely to have a sequel in the near future. There are no rumors surrounding an anime sequel of this fight-happy franchise.

And with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic situation worsening the already bad situation in the anime industry, it will take many years to get any official information.

Updates and info of Beelzebub season 2
Beelzebub | Source: Wiki-Fandom

The series is likable and doesn’t take itself seriously. It has situations that become hilarious when the characters start breaking the fourth wall and make the situations more relatable. There are very few comedies like this, including Gintama. 

The problem that the manga readers have with the anime is the unsatisfying 60th episode. The series adapted less than half of the completed manga into a 60-episode season back in 2011. 

This is because the anime caught up to the then ongoing manga. But the last episode wrapped up the incomplete, ongoing arc with an anime exclusive episode and finished the series. 

It’s a well-written anime that doesn’t lose focus with the fillers, but it ended before it could adapt one of the best arcs of the shonen manga.

The fans were disappointed with the producer’s decision and are hoping for a Season 2 to remedy this. The anime has the potential to become funnier with more action and plot twists in the future.

It could be said that Season 1 set up the stage for the sequel, but how long will the fans have to wait for the next bout?

1. Season 2 Release Date & Visuals

There has been no official announcement regarding a Beelzebub Season 2 by the production team nor the creators.

It is also highly possible that a sequel may not even see the light as there are no rumors surrounding the series.

The series was aired on Yomiuri TV and simulcast by Crunchyroll in 2011. Crunchyroll, too, has been silent on the series’ renewable status.

Season 1 ended with an exclusive anime ending, which stopped in between the ongoing Akumano Academy arc. The main reason is that the anime got too close to the manga.  

The producers have the choice to either remake the entire series like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood or make it seem as if Episode 60 was a dream, as the anime adapted the manga faithfully till episode 59. 

The upcoming season will still take a lot of time to be animated and be scheduled by the studio. So, the expected release time is in 2022.

There is no lack of source materials there are around 14 volumes still left untouched, and the fans are interested in the next arc as the anime concludes abruptly. Later on, the manga has better pacing and more story content that explains some of the factors of the show. 

The Pierrot Plus studio, which animated The Morose Mononokean and Tokyo Ghoul: re produced a Beelzebub OVA in 2010, and later on animated the entire 2011 series.

The animation accurately represents the manga, and the audience wishes to have Season 2 on the silver screen soon.

Beelzebub covered the first 13 volumes and some chapters of volume 14. Season 2 will cover the rest if there would be another 60-episode series.

The official sites have not released any teasers for the anime yet. We will update this article when we get the information.

2. Expected Plot

The Akumano Academy Arc was finished halfway in Season 1. After Oga fights with Jabberwock, Ishiyama High is taken over by the demons from Hell to educate Lord En. Hilda is captured by Behemoth as a hostage to keep Beel weak. 

So, Oga, Beel, and Aoi go to an island to learn Black Zebul Techniques from Ikaruga, who is Saotome’s acquaintance.

Meanwhile, Hilda will be burnt on a stake on the roof of the Demon Academy. Oga returns home after three days and declares that he will destroy the Akumano Academy that night.

Beelzebub steals Oga's body and raises hell | Beelzebub - EP. 50

Season 2 should show the epic showdown of Oga vs. 394 demons, the 34 Pillar Heads, and Behemoth. 

3. Recap

Beelzebub follows Oga Tatsumi, a student at Ishiyama High. The story starts with Oga retelling Furuichi how he met Baby Beel, the son of Satan. He also explains that he is now the ‘human father’ to Beel and would get shocked if he gets away from Beel.

Later, Hilda, the demon maid of Beel, comes to live in Oga’s house to continue taking care of the infant while also explaining Oga of his future responsibilities, i.e., raise Beel to destroy humanity, as told by Satan.

Thus, when Oga realizes that Beel could get attached to someone stronger than him and leave Oga, he picks fights with the Tohoshinki of Ishiyama High. Unfortunately, the more Oga fights, the stronger he gets and gets a Zebul spell on his right arm. 

Updates and info of Beelzebub season 2
Beelzebub | Source: Crunchyroll

Oga defeats all the four heads of Tohoshinki and becomes their chief, destroying the school in the process. All the students now move to their sister school, St. Ishiyama High, the school for the rich and elite.

Oga, Furuichi, Hilda, and Tohoshinki are all assigned to one class and are provoked into a volleyball match with Six Knights. The game ends with Oga revealing a massive power outburst of the Zebul Spell, causing Saotome to teach Oga how to use it correctly.

Meanwhile, Lord En, the older brother of Beel, takes over the old Ishiyama High with Behemoth’s 34 Pillar Divisions. Tohoshinki, Hilda, and Furuichi fight the Pillar Divisions, and Oga comes to their rescue with the new Super Milk Time with Beel.

Oga wins, and the conquest to destroy humanity on Satan’s whims continues.

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4. About Beelzebub

Ishiyama High is a school for delinquents and they have one universally acknowledged rule, don’t cross Tatsumi Oga! One day, Oga encounters a man floating down the river; the man splits down the middle to reveal a baby. 

The baby, Beel, crawls onto Oga’s back and immediately forms an attachment to him. Though he doesn’t know it yet, Beel is the son of Satan!

Hildegard, Beel’s demon maid, also confronts Oga. Together they attempt to raise Baby Beel, but the two may be in for more of a challenge than they can imagine.

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