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Black Clover 309 Reveals Yuno’s Actual Magic Affinity, Star Magic

Chapter 309 of Black Clover finally revealed Yuno’s actual magic affinity, and Tabata-sensei’s twist has made me go starry-eyed (pun intended). As if having a four-leaf grimoire wasn’t enough, Yuno also received a second Spade kingdom grimoire in the last chapter, and I’ve been dying to know[…]

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Beelzebub Season 2: Release Date, Everything to Know!

Beelzebub is a shonen action-comedy that would seem down-right ridiculous to some people. The anime is based on the manga with the same name written by Ryuhei Tamura. It has 28 volumes and is about a student attending school for juvenile delinquents. This gag comedy follows Oga, who is forced to […]

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Is Beelzebub good? A Review

The anime Beelzebub has captured the awe and admiration of many for its weird albeit unique plot, peculiar ensemble of characters, and good humor. It has won numerous accolades and awards for its entertaining premise and execution.  Originally published as a one-shot manga on Weekly Shounen Jump, it won the fourth Gold Future Cup, after which it was […]