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Devil Has Finally Been Defeated In Black Clover – Here’s How

The most recent episode of Black Clover titled ‘The Final Attack’, came out yesterday. Asta and Yuno made one last push against Devil and came out victorious. Devil is capable of posing a threat to Magic Knights as well as the Elves. It now looks like Asta and Yuno have finally deduced how to defeat […]

Anime Black Clover

Black Bull – Black Clover

Black Bull is one of the nine squads of the Magic Knights and the coolest one at that. Black Bull is known for its destructive behavior and has been regarded as the worst squad of the organization in Black Clover. Black Clover – Black Bull Squad    Name  Japanese  黒の暴牛  Rōmaji  Kuro no Bōgyū  Official […]


Black Clover New Theme Update 2019

Black Clover is on roll right now. It’s because Black Clover now enters the amazing story arc –  Elf Invasion Arc. This arc will showcase some high-class battles. Fans were shocked by the ending of the last episode. This is the 8th part of the Black Clover opening/ending. This new theme is known as “Against All […]