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Lucius Displays True Power of Zogratis in ‘Black Clover’ Chapter 361

‘Black Clover’ manga brought everyone to a standstill in Chapter 360 when Yuno delivered a fatal blow to Lucius Zogratis. Yuno was not only keeping up with Lucius’s moves, but he also made Lucius show signs of fear. The events occurring did not match any of his predictions. This felt a little[…]

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Langris Finally Accepts Yuno as Vice-Captain in Black Clover Chapter 305

Black Clover manga’s chapter 305 showed the perfect synergy between Langris and Yuno. I mean, why not? Both of them have been rivals as well as vice-captains. Their battle against Zenon showed how much they had grown. Langris takes the spotlight in the chapter as he finally accepts Yuno as the[…]