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Black Clover Introduces Another Contender for Earth Spirit

The introduction of the 4th spirit is long due since the last spirit, Undine, was introduced more than 100 chapters ago. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the debut of Earth Spirit as Black Clover finally enters the final arc in the manga, but unfortunately, there have been no signs of the last […]

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Black Clover Chapter 301: Is Megicula the 4th Supreme Devil?

In Black Clover, Megicula has impacted many events and characters, from killing Noelle’s mother to manipulating her host Vanica Zogratis to becoming a sacrificial goat. So it’s pretty easy to believe that she is probably the biggest devil calling shots in Hell. Yet, up until now, there hadn’t[…]

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Has Asta Become the Strongest Character in Black Clover?

Black Clover anime is over and so is my happiness. The heartbreak is real, guys; my weekly Asta time is over. Fortunately, the manga hasn’t taken a break. It keeps on exhilarating me with dynamic fights. The Spade Kingdom arc has been the most entertaining so far and chapter 288 was no less […]