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Jump Comics Launches Audio Manga Ft. Voices of Yui Ogura And Toshiki Masuda

Audio-Comics seem like all the rage these days, with One Piece leading the pack with its latest “Monster” spinoff. However, what seems like a niche concept is taking on full force with the backing of Shonen Jump Comics. Imagine having your favorite anime voice actors voicing your beloved manga[…]

Anime Black Clover

Has Asta Become the Strongest Character in Black Clover?

Black Clover anime is over and so is my happiness. The heartbreak is real, guys; my weekly Asta time is over. Fortunately, the manga hasn’t taken a break. It keeps on exhilarating me with dynamic fights. The Spade Kingdom arc has been the most entertaining so far and chapter 288 was no less […]

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Black Clover Chapter 280 Teases The Dark Triad Attaining 100% Power

Black Clover’s chapter 280 raw scans are out and a shocking development has taken place. If you thought that the Dark Triad is powerful now, you have no idea how much more powerful they can get! Now that the first gate of Qliphoth is open, there is no telling what kind of horrors await our heroes.

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The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2: Release Date, Visuals and News

The Demon Girl Next Door or Machikado Mazoku is an anime based on a four-panel manga series written by Izumo Ito. The popular anime with a whole twist on the magical girl trope and demon girls, the anime adaptation is getting a sequel! Let’s discuss the release date of the long-awaited second season. 1. Premiere […]