Manga Plus Announces Winners of Monthly Awards for November 2022

Shueisha made a pro move in the manga industry when they launched Manga Plus in 2019. It has now become the one-stop platform for otakus, who absolutely can’t get enough of these fantastic Japanese comics.

As if giving us free access to our favorite manga wasn’t enough, Manga Plus introduced a new segment for fans who want to publish their work. This meant that anyone with an idea and decent drawing skills could now call themselves a mangaka.

This concept grew as fans worldwide started posting their work on the platform and received an audience that appreciated it. This led to the creation of Monthly Awards, which ranked the best of the bunch.

Manga Plus recently revealed the winners of Manga Plus Creators’ Monthly Awards for November 2022, and we are here to talk about the top three.

2Kamma Namma BoostKamma
3Akora: The Journey Begins!Akora

All three manga come under the beloved shonen genre but have entirely different themes.

Phuka features an adventurous story based on ghosts, a mysterious tribe, second chances, and magic. It follows the criminal Ray, who is on the verge of death and is approached by Ato, a member of the Phuka tribe.

According to myths, Phuka is seen by people who are about to die of unnatural causes or accidents. Phuka then offers these people contracts to live a little longer and fulfill their last wish in exchange for their remaining lifetime.

In this way, the Phuka survive on contracts while humans with an early death get to live a little more. However, there’s more to this ghostly tribe than just contracts, and Ray and Ato will find that out soon.

Coming to the second story, Kamma Namma Boost, is set in a world where supernatural beasts are a big problem among others. A secret organization is tasked to eradicate them at the very source so that these creatures don’t create more problems or trigger a big one.

Last but not least, Akora: The Journey Begins! follows an alchemist named Kitsu who wants to learn all about the magical beasts called ‘Akora.’ To do that, he travels to Ikithia, the home of Akora, with Kuzu, the Akora he is bound to or has a contract with.

Together this pair uncovers the secrets of the world of alchemy and these magical beasts.

If you’re looking for some new manga written by international otakus, then Manga Plus is the place to go.

You’ll find many engaging and unique stories in your favorite genre waiting to be discovered.

Source: Manga Plus

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