The English Dub of Farming Life in Another World to Debut in June

Farming Life in Another World was the isekai anime title of the winter 2023 anime season. True to its name, the Farming Life anime is about a hero who explores the joys of farming in his new isekai life, creating a pleasant and open-ended narrative where anything might happen.

Some isekai anime are notorious for being power trips with an OP lead, while others are hopelessly generic or forgettable. Farming Life was off to a mediocre start at best in episode 1, but it really amazed me as it progressed with its stunning animation, the environment, and just the overall feel of it.

Hidive revealed on Thursday that it would begin streaming the English dub for the anime Farming Life in Another World light novel series on June 8. John Swasey is directing the English dub, and the main English cast that will work behind the scenes will include:

CharacterCastOther Works
Machio, HirakuBlake ShepardKouta (Elfen Lied)
Lu LulucyLuci ChristianShutina (I’m Quitting Heroing)
TiaMonica RialSophie Lacroix (Astra Lost in Space)
RiaKatelyn BARRHimeno (Chainsaw Man)
AnnShannon EmerickShigeru (7SEEDS)
KuroGremillion, JohnRyou (Buddy Daddies)

It’s really a hidden gem, as ‘Farming Life in Another World’ captures the best of the isekai genre. I would recommend it to people new to anime, as its English dub is in the works, making it an easier watch for newcomers just exploring the vast world of anime.

About Farming Life in Another World

Farming Life in Another World is an isekai manga by Kinosuke Naito. It was first launched in 2016 and will receive an anime in 2023.

The manga focuses on Kiraku, a middle-aged man who dies of overwork. A deity takes pity on him and transports him into another world with a younger and healthy body with additional powers.

Hiraku chooses to have a peaceful life farming and tending to his land. He eventually makes friends and even a tiny village on his farming journey.

Source: HIDIVE

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