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Highlights of 2024 Jump Press Show: Shonen Jump Launches Sports Manga Award

Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine proudly unveiled the esteemed panel of judges for the Jump Sports Manga Award on Monday. This year, the panel is graced by the presence of renowned figures such as Slam Dunk’s Takehiko Inoue, Eyeshield 21’s Riichirō Inagaki, and Kuroko’s Basketball’s Tadatoshi Fujimaki, adding a touch of prestige to the competition.

Blue Exorcist Manga News

Blue Exorcist Manga Goes on 8-Month Hiatus as Mangaka Adapts Spooky Novel!

Blue Exorcist, your favorite manga about Satan’s offspring, is about to go on a long break. No, don’t worry, the mangaka isn’t sick; we are just about to get an awesome new series from Kazue Kato! In a world of demons and exorcists, Rin Okumura and his brother are Satan’s sons. However, they[…]

Anime Chainsaw Man News

MAPPA Drops The Coveted Chainsaw Man Trailer as Anime Set to Conquer Hearts

Chainsaw Man is one of those series that will keep you addicted to it even after inflicting pain after pain upon its readers. Of course, its upcoming anime series will be no less. With MAPPA animating the series, it is almost guaranteed that Chainsaw Man will be getting the treatment it deserves.

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Jump June-July Edition to Serialize Manga About A Hunter And Martial Artist

When talking about shonen manga, the first thing that comes to mind is the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. It’s your one-stop for updates about all your favorite shonen manga! WSJ, the oldest running magazine for the shonen genre, has announced two new manga serializations for the summer.

Manga My Hero Academia News

To Watch or To Read? My Hero Academia’s Third Movie Gets A Light Novel!

When you are as big of a franchise as My Hero Academia is, you make sure to capitalize on every opportunity. With the upcoming release of their third movie World Heroes’ Mission, they are doing exactly that. When some franchises get big, they tend to spawn a few spinoffs. Whether in the form[…]