‘Resident Evil: Death Island’ Gets Manga Series on Comic Hu Website

Leon S. Kennedy will be back with Chris Redfield in ‘Resident Evil: Death Island’ to fight a new zombie outbreak. While Leon is on a rescue mission, Chris is the one investigating the outbreak in San Francisco.

It is unknown what caused it in the first place, but a common link acts as a lead. All the victims visited Alcatraz Island. So, Chris decides to pay a visit himself.

On Tuesday, the official Twitter account for the Resident Evil (Biohazard) franchise announced that ‘Resident Evil: Death Island’ will get a manga adaptation. It is illustrated by ZINO Kodakujii and published on the Comic Hu website on Friday (May 19).


[New series]

The worst mission, the strongest team

The comicalization of “Resident Evil: Death Island” released on July 7 has already started serialization in Comic Hugh

Successive heroes gather on the stage of the prison island Alcatraz!

Please look forward to the world view of Resident Evil expressed with overwhelming power of drawing

It will be released on May 19th at 11:00!

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As announced earlier, the film is slated for release on July 7 in Japan. The film also brings all the original characters together, including Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers for the first time.

‘Resident Evil: Death Island’ is the fourth installment in the animated ‘Resident Evil’ series. The films take place in the same universe as the video games and links them. ‘Death Island’ follows ‘Resident Evil: Vendetta’ and is set before the game ‘Resident Evil: Biohazard’.

'Resident Evil: Death Island' Gets Manga Series on Comic Hu Website
Poster for Resident Evil: Death Island Movie | Source: Fandom

The following staff members are behind the development of the film:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorEiichirō HasumiResident Evil: Infinite Darkness
ScreenplayMakoto FukamiPsycho-Pass
CG DirectorTomohiro ShimizuHarlock: Space Pirate Movie(Key Animation)
MusicRei KondōResident Evil: Damnation

The comic artwork looks fantastic, rivaling its Western counterparts. Fans, getting excited is understandable because it looks like a huge crossover and the threat they will face would be just as massive.

About Resident Evil: Death Island

Biohazard or Resident Evil is a horror media franchise that is owned by Capcom. It is a mixed-media franchise that includes video games, films, CG films, comic books, and more.

Resident Evil: Death Island is an upcoming Japanese adult computer-animated action horror film set in the same universe as the Resident Evil video games.

D.S.O. agent Leon S. Kennedy is on a mission to rescue Dr. Antonio Taylor from kidnappers when he is stopped by a mysterious woman. Meanwhile, B.S.A.A. agent Chris Redfield is looking into a zombie epidemic in San Francisco, where the source of the virus is unknown.

The only thing the victims have in common is that they had all recently visited Alcatraz Island. Following that lead, Chris and the others travel to the island, where they encounter a new nightmare.

Source: Biohazard’s Official Twitter, Comic Hu’s Official Twitter


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