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Release Date Revealed for Maho Shojo Magical Destroyers!

On Friday, the official website for the Maho Shojo Magical Destroyers anime revealed a new key visual featuring more characters. The visual also announced that the anime would premiere on April 7.

Staff Unveils Release Date for Maho Shojo Magical Destroyers!
Maho Shojo Magical Destroyers Visual 2 | Source: Official Website

The visual above shows the main four characters at the front – Otaku Hero, Anarchy, Blue, Pink, and Kyōtarō. At the back are the SSC members, with the leader SHOBON spreading his arms and Slayer next to him, among others.

Previously, more cast members and a trailer were also revealed. Here’s a list of them:

CharacterVoice ArtistOther Works
KyōtarōTomori KusunokiAnnette (Spy Classroom)
SHOBONSōma SaitōHyōma Chigiri (BLUELOCK)
SlayerYū SerizawaYumemi Yumemite (Kakegurui)
NickKazuyuki OkitsuSerpico (Berserk)
Old LeaderTomokazu SugitaGintoki Sakata (Gintama)
Military OtakuJunji MajimaRyūji Takasu (Toradora!)
Game OtakuTakehito KoyasuShinsuke Takasugi (Gintama)
Train OtakuShō OkumuraFather Stefano Russell (Vatican Miracle Examiner)
JSDF OtakuIkuto KanemasaAoba (BEASTARS)
Anime OtakuTetsu InadaEndeavor (My Hero Academia)
Idol OtakuHaruki IshiyaAoshi Sanada (Orient)
Pro-Wrestling OtakuShinya TakahashiUmekichi Kadomori (Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari)
魔法少女マジカルデストロイヤーズ【イントロダクションムービー side OTAKU HERO】|2023年4月 ON AIR

Jun Inagawa develops the concept for the anime. Bibury Animation Studio will produce the series with Hiroshi Ikehata as the director. Daisho Tanimura will act as the screenplay writer for the project.

The opening song “MAGICAL DESTROYER” is performed by Aimi and the ending song “Gospelion in a Classic Love” is performed by The 13th Tailor.

This anime can express many issues an otaku, or even someone who loves anime, faces in a social circle (obviously in an exaggerated manner). But it is an interesting and amusing take on a social revolution.

About Maho Shojo Magical Destroyers

Maho Shojo Magical Destroyers is an original anime project helmed by  JUN INAGAWA, an artist who is active across various subcultures such as streetwear and music.

In 2008, a mysterious organization, SSC, eliminated the otaku culture in Japan. The anime focuses on an otaku hero standing against them, with three magical girls – Anarchy, Blue, and Pink accompanying him. Together, they seek to save and restore the otaku culture.

Source: Official Website, Comic Natalie

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