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Otaku Elf: New Promo Reveals Cast and Release Date

A deity who loves gaming over blessing people sounds so unusual and out of their ‘knowledgeable entity’ persona. Add a babysitting priestess, and we can expect a lot of hilarious situations in a place where you expect things to be calm.

The anime adaptation of Otaku Elf will delve into the life of a newly appointed shrine priestess who has to tend to an ancient elf’s requests.

On Friday, the official website for the anime series revealed a second promotional video with a shortened fifteen-second commercial. The video reveals more cast members, theme song artists, and the release date of April 7.

TV anime “Edomae Elf” PV 2nd |Start broadcasting on April 7, 2023

The video shows the main characters, Koito Koganei and Elda, who share a somewhat friendly relationship, with the former even scolding Elda at one point. A scene shows Elda’s room full of video games, figurines, and DVDs, affirming her otaku personality.

The opening song heard in the video is “Kien Romance” by Akari Nanawo. Cody Lee has performed the ending song “Odoru Hikari”.

Two new cast members have also been introduced. Here is a full list of cast and characters, with the new ones marked with an asterisk:

CharacterCastOther Works
EldaAmi KoshimizuSailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon Crystal)
Koito KoganeiYuka OzakiAsuka Toyama (BanG Dream!)
Koma SakurabaHaruka Aikawa--
Koyuzu KoganeiHitomi SekineRyōko Suzunone (Shinobi no Ittoki)
Otaku Elf Second Promo Reveals More Cast, Theme Song Artists, Release Date
Otaku Elf New Visual Features All Four Characters | Source: Official Website

Studio C2C will produce the series with Takebumi Anzai as the director. Shogo Yasukawa is both writing and supervising the scripts. Takeshi Oda is designing the characters for the anime and will also act as the chief animation director. Akito Matsuda is handling the music.

The thought of a deity being appeased by video games and DVDs is head-spinning enough to give this anime a try.

About Otaku Elf

The Otaku Elf (Edomae Elf) manga by Akihiko Higuchi was launched in Kodansha’s Shounen Magazine Edge in 2019. As of June 2022, it has been collected into six volumes. An anime adaptation for the series is set to arrive in spring 2023.

In the Takamimi Shrine resides an immortal elf who loves games. So, when the new high priestess, Koito, enters the shrine, she realizes that Elda has no interest in blessing people and simply wants to play all day long. The series follows the duo as Koito tries her best to make Elda perform her duties.

Source: Official Website

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