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Giant Beasts of Ars Releases NEW Key Visual for Anime! 

Giant Beasts of Ars, an original anime by DMM Pictures and Asahi Production, combines mythology and fantasy in a world where giant beasts and humans are at war.  

The anime revealed two promotional videos introducing us to the basic plot, including a runaway human experiment. 

On Wednesday, the official website and Twitter for Giant Beasts of Ars released a new key visual. It displays the five main characters – Kuumi, Jiiro, Myaa, Meran, and Romana as they would look in the anime. 


Key Visual  

“Kannagi”, “20th and 2nd Kuumi”, and “Nagimori”, a spear-wielding Jiro who fails to die. 

And the figure of the companion who acts with them is drawn. 

Broadcast will finally start on Friday, January 6, 2023!

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The anime will premiere on January 6, 2023, on MBS, TBS, and other networks on the “Super Animeism” programming block. It will then premiere on AT-X on January 9 and BS NTV on January 10. HIDIVE and DMM TV will stream the series. 

The cast members and staff have been previously revealed with the promotional videos. The five main cast members are as follows: 

Character Cast Other Works 
Kuumi Hina Yomiya Nodoka Yagi (Selection Project) 
Jiiro Toshiyuki Morikawa Enel (One Piece) 
Myaa Yū Serizawa Yumemi Yumemite (Kakegurui) 
Meran Hiromu Mineta Kei (Technoroid Overmind) 
Romana Yōko Hikasa Utahime Iori (Jujutsu Kaisen) 

Penguin Research has performed the opening song, Hengen Jizai (Morphing Existence). The ending song is ‘Na Mo Nai Hana’ (The Nameless Flower) by Harumi. 

Asahi Production is animating the series, with Akira Oguro as the director. Norimitsu Kaiho is working on the scripts. Shuji Katayama and Akinari Suzuki are composing the music for the series. 

Original character designs have been developed by Ashito Oyari, with Hiroshi Shimizu and Masato Kato adapting them for anime. 

About Giant Beasts of Ars

Giant Beasts of Ars is an upcoming original anime by DMM and Asahi Production. It is slated for a January 2023 release and will be directed by Akira Oguro. The plot is set in a period of swords, beasts, heroes, and myths.

Beasts known as Kyoju created the land which humans stole. This angered the Kyoju who started eating humans, resulting in a feud between the two species.

The story follows Jiiro, a Kyoju hunter, who meets a girl named Kuumi and the two set on a journey with his friends to unravel the world’s secrets.

Source: Official Website

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