‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ Closes Curtains with Chapter 162

This spring, ‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ gave us one of the most memorable characters ever. In a world where magic is everything and the lines on your face define your capacity, Mash Burnedead had neither. Yet, he trained himself physically as told by Regro, his adoptive father.

The first anime season ended with Mash fighting Cell War, who retreats and tells Innocent Zero that they have found what they were looking for. On the other hand, it was revealed last week that the manga would also end with Chapter 162.

On Monday, the 31st issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine published the final chapter of ‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’. The 18th and final volume would be published on October 4 along with a fanbook.

'Mashle: Magic and Muscles' Closes Curtains with Chapter 162
Volume 17 Cover of ‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ | Source: Fandom

The manga is available for reading on Viz Media’s Shonen Jump and Shueisha’s Manga Plus. It was originally launched in January 2020 and the penultimate compiled volume arrives this Tuesday.

A second season for the anime was also immediately announced for January 2024 which will cover the ‘Divine Visionary Selection Exam’ arc. ‘Mashle’ covered the ‘Easton Enrollment’ arc and the ‘Magia Lupus’ arc in its first season. In the manga, these two-story arcs are covered in 39 chapters.

I do feel a bit sad about the manga ending because it could still include a couple of more arcs, but ‘Mashle’ is a perfect example of how a compact story is told. My only complaint would be moving Brad Coleman to the backstage for most of the time when he was the one starting it all.

You will be missed, Mash Burnedead. See you in the next season.

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About Mashle

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Kōmoto. It was launched in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in January 2020 and ended in July 2023, with its chapters collected in 18 tankōbon volumes.

Set in a magic world, Mash Burnedead is a young man who was born without magic. In order to live a peaceful life with his adoptive grandfather, he needs to become a Divine Visionary, a title given to exceptional students from the Easton Magic Academy.

Mash goes to the magic school, despite not having any magic, and must survive by only relying on his muscles.

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump, Viz Media

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