‘One Piece’ Chapter 1086 Confirms How Sabo Survived Attack on Lulusia

For the last four chapters, we are watching what is happening with Sabo, who appeared alive in ‘One Piece Chapter 1082’. Moreover, he also carried survivors of the Lulusia Kingdom, which was wiped out from the map and history by Imu.

Previously, Imu showed himself, shocking Cobra as the truth behind the Empty Throne was finally out. While Cobra wanted to know from the Five Elders why Lili was not mentioned in the records and the secret behind ‘D.’, Imu reveals that people bearing the name were once against him.

'One Piece' Chapter 1086 Confirms How Sabo Survived Attack on Lulusia
Nefertari Cobra with Five Elders and Imu on the Throne | Source: Fandom

The current Chapter 1086 shed more details on how Sabo survived the destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom. While it was earlier revealed that he was not on the island, the chapter reveals more about it, revealing his survival as a stroke of luck.

Forcing Cobra to reveal Lili’s full name i.e., “Nefertari D. Lili”, Imu attacks Cobra. Sabo tries to escape with him, but he chooses to stay behind, eventually dying at Imu’s hands. He tells Sabo to convey everything he saw to Luffy and Vivi, and that the Nefertari Family also bears the name ‘D.’.

In the present, Sabo tells his comrades Dragon and Ivankov that people welcomed him the moment he arrived in Lulusia. The news of his killing of Cobra spread wide and fueled the flames of rebellion. King Seki and Komane were arrested, and many people wanted to join the Revolutionary Army.

'One Piece' Chapter 1086 Confirms How Sabo Survived Attack on Lulusia
Imu and the Five Elders Attack Sabo | Source: Fandom

These recruits joined Sabo as he prepared to sail away. He could not contact Dragon because he could not find an encryption Den Den Mushi. Instead, he chose to call while he was sailing away, rerouting it through the island.

This way, the World Government thought Sabo was on the island at the time. Imu’s attack happened while Sabo was contacting Dragon, which gave the impression that he died in the destruction.

'One Piece' Chapter 1086 Confirms How Sabo Survived Attack on Lulusia
Lulusia Island Destroyed by Imu | Source: Fandom

Interestingly, Ivankov mentions the same thing King Cobra did when he saw Imu. He also finds it suspicious that the being has the same name as one of the First Twenty. This also brought out two theories – one that Imu could be alive for 800 years because of a procedure granting eternal youth.

The second theory was that the weapon used for destroying Lulusia was held by the Government and perhaps, created by Vegapunk. If Vegapunk did not create it, then it was an ancient weapon held for a long time, which potentially links to Imu’s long existence.

The manga will return in July once Oda recovers from his eye surgery. I do think that Sabo’s story will continue, and he would reach Luffy and Vivi, or at least one of them. The appearance of Saint Figarland Garling also hints that the Holy Knights might make a move now.

Imu’s desire to get hold of Lili’s letter has set his mind on retrieving Vivi, which should be the central issue of the manga as of now. Only time will tell if Sabo or Imu will reach her first and learn the contents of the letter.

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