The Devil is a Part-Timer!!: Theme Song Artists Revealed for New Season

Maō and Emi have found a new goal in their lives – to restore the three realms as requested by Lailah. For that, they must find the next Daath on Earth. Gabriel and the other angels may have lost the battle, but they will not stop collecting the fragments of Yesod by any means.

On Monday, the official website for The Devil Is a Part-Timer series revealed the theme song artists for the third season. The opening song “Hikari no Nai Machi” (Town Without Light) is performed by nano. RIPE and the ending song “bloomin’.” is performed by Liyuu.

TVアニメ「はたらく魔王さま!!」2nd Season 2023年7月放送決定!!
TV Anime “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!!” 2nd Season will air in July 2023!

Although the video calls it the second season, it is a reference to The Devil Is a Part-Timer!!, because its title contains two exclamation marks. The season will be the third season overall.

The season is slated for premiere in July and will feature a returning cast and staff. Here is the list of the main voice cast:

CharacterVoice ArtistOther Works
Sadao Maō/Demon King SatanRyota OhsakaNaoto Tachibana (Tokyo Revengers)
Emi Yusa/Heroine EmiliaYōko HikasaAzalie (Sorcerous Stabber Orphen)
Chiho SasakiNao TōyamaRin Shima (Laid-Back Camp)
Shirō Ashiya/Demon General AlcielYūki OnoTaiga Kagami (Kuroko’s Basketball)
Hanzō Urushihara/Demon General LuciferHiro ShimonoZenitsu Agatsuma (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)
Suzuno KamazukiKanae ItōElysia de Lute Ima (The World God Only Knows)
Alas RamusHina KinoMiri Unasaka (Buddy Daddies)
Acieth AllaMadoka AsahinaSumire Takagawa (Teasing Master Takagi-san)
The Devil Is a Part-Timer!!: Theme Song Artists Revealed For New Season
The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! Season 2 Visual | Source: Comic Natalie

Daisuke Tsukushi will continue to direct the third season at Studio 3Hz. Yūdai Iino is designing the characters, and Masahiro Yokotani is supervising the scripts. Ryosuke Nakanishi is composing the music.

The next season seems to change the story further as Maō still wants to dominate the world, but Emilia is dissuading him, believing that it is not what he truly wants. We will have to watch it to know if his motives have changed or not.

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About The Devil is a Part-Timer!

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! is a Japanese light novel series written by Satoshi Wagahara, with illustrations by Oniku (written as 029). ASCII Media Works has published the series in Japan, while Yen Press has published the series in North America.

The story revolves around the Demon Lord Satan after he is stuck in the human world. Satan loses against the hero Emilia in his homeworld Ente Isla. He then takes one of his subordinates – Alciel and transports himself to the human world, where he is left powerless due to the lack of magic.

Both Satan and Alciel take human forms, and Satan takes up a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant to earn a living. Things get even more complicated once Emilia arrives under the guise of a human named Emi Yusa. This light-hearted comedy explores the interactions of “evil” and “good.”

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