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New Trailer for Detective Conan’s 26th Film Previews Theme Song by SPITZ

The 26th film from the Detective Conan franchise will set off a showdown in the waters. Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine will put Conan and the Black Organization facing each other. Only a few weeks to go and we will find out how the young detective foils another sinister plan.

On Wednesday, the official website for the anime film released a new trailer. The video lasts for ninety seconds, previewing the theme song for the film “Utsukushii Hire” (Beautiful Fin) by SPITZ. The movie is planned to be released on April 14.

劇場版『名探偵コナン 黒鉄の魚影(サブマリン)』予告②【4月14日(金)公開】
Movie version “Detective Conan Black Iron Fish Shadow (Submarine)” notice ② [released on Friday, April 14]

The trailer begins with Subaru Okiya informing that an agent has been murdered by the Black Organization member Gin. Conan and his friends reach a new facility in Hachijo-jima island to witness a new security system.

Many other characters, including Vodka, Vermouth, Bourbon (Zero), Jodie, and Andre Camel also appear. More than twenty characters will appear in this film.

SPITZ has provided a theme song for Detective Conan for the first time. Vocalist Masamune Kusano comments in the tweet below that Detective Conan was more of a love story to him than a mystery. So the song was created with the image of a sad love story and thrilling action.

#Blackironshadow (submarine)

|| ◤ Theme song decision ◢ ||

The person in charge of the theme song for this work is

A national rock band that will be the first tag this time


Comments from vocalist Masamune Kusano

English Translation, Twitter Translate

Kusano also mentions that the word “showakusei” in the lyrics means ‘asteroid’ and should not be misheard as “shogakusei”, which means ‘elementary school student’.

TMS Entertainment is producing the film, with Yuzuru Tachikawa as the director and Takeharu Sakurai writing the script. Sakurai has previously written for six other Detective Conan films. Yūgo Kanno is composing the music.

A murder, a rescue mission, and facing the Black Organization directly – this is one movie no fan can miss. In case you are new to it, this would be a great start if you watch the compilation film Detective Conan Ai Habara’s Story ~Jet-Black Mystery Train~.

About Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine

Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine (Detective Conan: Kurogane no Submarine) is the 26th anime film in the Detective Conan/Case Closed franchise.

It takes place on Hachijō-jima island where a new law enforcement system is to be launched and engineers from around the world are gathered to witness it. Conan gets an invite to the event and is informed of Black Organization’s Gin killing a Europol in Germany and gets worried.

Meanwhile, the organization kidnaps a female engineer from the launch event as her USB drive contains some valuable information.

Source: Official Website

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