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2023 Anime ‘Umi no Minwa no Machi’ to Adapt 25 Japanese Folktales

Nothing beats the joy of reconnecting with the things that were quite prevalent in earlier times. From myths and legends to historical accounts, they speak about the grandeur of time. Looking at it, one’s existence feels like a part of something large and eternal.

‘Umi no Minwa no Machi’ (The City of Sea Folktales) is one such project that aims to pass ‘local folklore’ to the younger generation with the help of anime.

On Monday, the Nippon Foundation announced a new animated series for ‘Umi no Minwa no Machi’. It will premiere in December 2023 and will contain 25 episodes. Shinnosuke Numata is overseeing the project as the chairman of the executive and certification committee.

2023 Anime 'Umi no Minwa no Machi’ to Adapt 25 Japanese Folktales
Announcement of ‘Uni no Minwa no Machi’ 2023 series | Source: Official Website

The anime project was launched in 2018 to bequeath Japan’s relationship with the sea and the pride of the region. Through these stories, they also intend to enlighten the children with the thoughts, warnings, and lessons they convey.

As of 2022, a total of 42 stories have been animated that you can watch on the official website and YouTube

The official website has also revealed all 25 sea folktales that will be adapted for the 2023 series. Each story will belong to a different region, including inland areas like Yamanashi, Nagano, and Shiga; and the ones facing the sea like Yamagata and Ishikawa.

Episode List

Ep. No.Japanese TitleEnglish TranslationCity & Prefecture of Origin
1.Shima no Tengu-samaTengu-sama of the islandHaboro, Hokkaido
2.Kanda KaniKanda crabSotogahama, Aomori
3.Kamiwari GekiKamiwari rockMinamisanriku, Miyagi
4.Kurokami to Akakami no TatakaiBattle of the black god and the red godOga, Akita
5.Todo no OngaeshiSea lion’s gratitudeSakata, Yamagata
6.Karo-san no Tenga Myо̄jinLong-armed god of Mt. Karо̄Shinchi, Fukushima
7.Yukideko no ShirohebiWhite snake of the thawed snow moundFunabashi, Chiba
8.Senju О̄hashi to О̄kameSenju Great Bridge and the giant turtleAdachi, Tokyo
9.Kujira MikoshiWhale palanquinImizu, Toyama
10.Tako KamisamaOctopus godNanao, Ishikawa
11.Nishiogawa 11-men Kannon BosatsuNishiogawa 11-headed bodhisattvaObama, Fukui
12.Maritsuki-utaMaritsuki songFujikawa, Yamanashi
13.Utо̄tо̄geUtо̄ PassShiojiri, Nagano
14.Okuhamanako no DensetsuThe legend of the nue of Okuhamana LakeHanamatsu, Shizuoka
15.Ama no TomokazukiFemale diver’s tomokazuki, or aquatic yо̄kaiToba, Mie
16.Shikobuchi-sanMt. ShikobuchiTakashima, Shiga
17.Bettō no ShioSteward’s tideAwaji, Hyōgo
18.Daisen no AmidasamaAmida of DaisenDaisen, Tottori
19.Kyūri no Kamisama Yamabe JinjaCucumber god’s shrine near the mountainsGotsu, Shimane
20.Hyakkanjima MonogatariTale of Hyakkan IslandFukuyama, Hiroshima
21.Naruto no TaikoNaruto’s taiko drumNaruto, Tokushima
22.Jizō ga HamaJizō seasideSaijo, Ehime
23.Umi ni Shizunda OniThe oni who sank in the seaNakatoka, Kochi
24.Koto no Umi no TennyoCelestial maiden of the koto’s seaHigashisonogi, Nagasaki
25.Okanegahama to OkuregahamaOkanegahama to OkuregahamaHyuga, Miyazaki

I believe these stories would educate international anime viewers, too, allowing them to appreciate Japanese culture and anime deeply and identify references. It would be great if the 2023 series also joins the collection on the website with English subtitles.

About Umi no Minwa no Machi

‘Umi no Minwa no Machi’ (The City of Sea Folktales) is an anime project launched in 2018 and is produced and directed by Shinnosuke Numata. The series adapts local sea folktales all across Japan and shares the relationship of the country with the sea.

It also intends to share the teachings and wisdom that have been passed through generations through these folktales.

As of 2022, 42 stories have been adapted. The 2023 season will adapt 25 stories that belong to different regions in Japan.

Source: Official Website , Comic Natalie

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