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New Attack On Titan Trailer Reveals Opening Song By SiM

Just one more week to finally see the beginning of the end. Eren’s journey from a soldier to a titan, then an ally, and finally a villain has been crazy. How will the alliance be able to stop the upcoming titan rampage will finally be answered.

On Saturday, a live-streamed event for Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3 was held. It revealed a new trailer which has also been separately released on the official Pony Canyon’s YouTube channel. The staff has also revealed the opening song artist for this part.

TVアニメ「進撃の巨人」The Final Season完結編(前編)PV第2弾
Attack on Titan The Fianl Season Part 3 Official Main Trailer

Hange and Reiner watch in shock as the titan army walks destroying everything in their path. Armin, Hange, Levi, and Mikasa can be seen getting ready for the final battle with Eren, who gives off an ominous aura with his skeletal form.

SiM is returning to perform the opening song “Under the Tree”. Previously, the band performed the opening song “The Rumbling” for the second part of the final season.

New Attack On Titan Trailer Reveals Opening Song By SiM
Jacket Art for SiM’s Opening Song “Under the Tree | Source: Official Website

The first half of Part 3 will premiere as a one-hour special episode on March 3. The second half will also premiere later this year.

Currently, a seven-part compilation anime is airing in Japan since Saturday. We are all fired up like everyone who has followed or caught up with the anime. Are you?

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About Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Kodansha publishes it in the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

The manga began serialization on September 9th, 2009, and ended on April 9, 2021. It has been compiled into 34 volumes.

Attack on Titan follows humanity settled within three concentric walls to protect themselves from the terrifying titans that prey on them. Eren Yeager is a young boy that believes that a caged life is similar to that of cattle and aspires to go beyond the walls one day, just like his heroes, the Survey Corps. The emergence of a deadly Titan unleashes chaos.

Source: Official Website

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