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Bleach New Season Release Date, Visuals & Trailers

Bleach, an anime about a rebellious young boy gaining the powers of a soul riper, has come a long way. The series had a long run and is one of the “Big 3” anime. A typical Shonen about a boy gaining the powers of a soul riper ended up […]

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Does Chad Die In Bleach?

No one. No one in “Bleach” is as hot and steamy as Yasutora Sado, otherwise known as Chad by Ichigo and his friends! Chad is the hottie you will likely meet if you’re in a blind date. So, if there are any ladies out there reading this, what are you waiting for? Watch or rewatch […]

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Does Nel Die in Bleach? What Happened To Her After Aizen’s Defeat?

Nellie Tu Odelschwanck (or Nel for short) is one of the hottest characters in the Bleach anime! So, it’s no wonder why she’s the Bleach anime gal who gets cosplayed the most among con-goers (anime convention attendees). During Part 2 of the Hueco Mundo Arc, Nel shined the brightest when she fought Nnoitra toe to […]

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How To Watch Bleach? Easy Watch Order Guide

Bleach is an anime without a complicated timeline, but plenty of scenes leave the audience scratching their heads. Being one of the ‘Big Three’ Shonen anime, alongside Naruto and One Piece, it is often considered to be cut from the same cloth as the other two. Although there might […]

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Strongest Bleach Captains So Far, Ranked! Is Sosuke Aizen The Strongest?

The purpose of Captains in the Bleach Universe is to protect the enigmatic Soul Society. Along with the wayward souls, Captains don the duty of protecting the members of the society as well. Captains have come and gone through the series yet we didn’t pay heed to the excellence that brought them to such a […]

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North American Release Schedule: 27th September – 3rd October

The North American release schedule of anime, manga, novels, and games is here! You will find out everything about the upcoming manga/anime in your region in this post. Since most manga and anime debut in Japan, fans outside Japan aren’t always able to get their hands on them. When these[…]

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Complete Easy Guide to Skip Bleach Fillers & Enjoy the Anime!

Bleach, an anime about soul reapers and magical battles, has an extremely underwhelming element which is its filler episodes. Fillers break the flow of the main storyline, often straying away from the important plot points. A total of 366 episodes of Bleach have aired, out of which 163 are […]

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Top 20 Exhilarating Sword Fights in Anime

Action, and adventure are often part and parcel of the Shonen genre, among many others. With this comes the introduction of various fighting styles and weapons. Be it magic or even simple physical power, the battles are always something fans look forward to. However, when it comes to two […]

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Burn The Witch: Tite Kubo Reveals Drafts for Season 2 of Manga

Tite Kubo, the author of one of the most successful manga/anime, Bleach, is now back with another series! What’s even more awesome is that his next series takes place in the same universe as that of Bleach. Fans who still aren’t over Bleach definitely have another chance of experiencing the […]

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Burn The Witch: Manga Season 2 to Release Soon

The creator of Bleach, Tite Kubo is once again back with a Bleach spin-off anime titled “Burn The Witch”. The series first appeared as a one-shot manga series in Shonen Jump Magazine released as part of its 50th Anniversary project in July 2018. The story revolves around the main characters Noel Niihashi and Nini Spangle working…

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Strongest Bleach Characters So Far, Ranked! Is Ichigo The Strongest?

Bleach is part of the Holy tripartite of mainstream anime and the Bleach Universe is rich with strong characters and multiple worlds. After weighing facts like their strongest moves, their power with reference to its setting. We have a list of the Strongest Bleach Characters for you guys. Ichibei is a very powerful character but […]

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Burn The Witch Updates: Debut Date, PV, Visual, Cast and Staff

To all the Bleach fans out there who still sigh while thinking of the series ending, we have got some good news for you! Burn The Witch, the new title by Tite Kubo, will soon hit the anime market. Burn The Witch was first introduced to us as a manga one-shot, which was featured on […]