New Promo for ‘Horimiya -piece-‘ Reveals Theme Songs and Release Date

‘Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’ is ready to share new stories like the field trip to Kyoto, the sports festival, and many more. Just a few weeks ago, a bonus ‘Horimiya’ volume was also announced that would contain four new chapters, with one by HERO himself.

A new volume and an anime in July, the only thing left was the exact release date for the anime – which is finally out.

On Friday, the official website for ‘Horimiya’ released a new trailer and visual for ‘Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’. The video features both theme songs and reveals the release date of July 1. Crunchyroll will also simulcast the anime.

「ホリミヤ -piece-」本PV|2023年7月1日(土)より放送開始!

The trailer shows a lot of footage from the anime, mainly from the sports festival. Yuki, Sakura, and Remi can be seen holding pom-poms and probably discussing their cheerleader routine. Hori is in a running race and Miyamura gets up at one point, shouting “Hori! Do Your Best!”

Firstly, the ending theme song, “URL” by Ami Sakaguchi is featured in the background. The latter half previews the opening theme song “Shiawase” (Happiness) by Omoinotake.

The cast members are returning from the original 2021 anime series, with a new addition of Daisuke Namikawa, who will play Takeru Sengoku, Kakeru’s father.

New Promo for 'Horimiya -piece-' Reveals Theme Songs and Release Date
New Key Visual For ‘Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’ | Source: Comic Natalie

‘Horimiya’ is currently re-running since April 22 in Japan. Episodes 10 to 13 will air together on BS11, Tokyo MX, Tochigi TV, and Gunma TV on June 6.

The main staff members are also returning from the previous series with CloverWorks handling the production once again. Here are the main members:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorMasashi IshihamaPERSONA 5 the Animation: Proof of Justice
Series CompositionTakao YoshiokaElfen Lied, Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee
Character DesignHaruko IizukaSugar Apple Fairy Tale,
MusicMasaru YokoyamaFruits Basket, Aoashi
Animation ProductionCloverWorksSpy×Family, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Because the anime will tell new stories, would they consider adapting the upcoming chapters from the bonus volume? If so, that would probably be the fastest chapter adaptation ever.

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About Horimiya

Horimiya san to Miyamura kun is a manga by HERO. The manga has received 6 OVAs and an anime adaptation titled Horimiya.

Kyoko Hori is the school’s smart and popular girl who is quite the opposite of the shy and gloomy Miyamura. Both of them have their own secrets.

While Hori struggles with taking care of herself and her younger brother, Souta, Miyamura constantly hides all his piercings and tattoos. They discover each other’s personal lives and begin to get closer.

Source: Official Website , Comic Natalie


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