Anime News Slam Dunk

New Teaser for ‘The First Slam Dunk’ Film Focuses on Kaede Rukawa

Slam Dunk may have ended years ago, but its legacy and fan following live on to this day. The franchise has a staunch fan base who refuses to put the series down from the pedestal, and rightfully so. The story is filled with some amazing characters, but one of them has always stuck out from the[…]

Anime Idoly Pride News

Idoly Pride Unveils New PV And Visual With 10th Jan Release

Idoly Pride is the new anime idol project in Japan that will showcase the struggles and hardships that all idols go through while trying to shine and making a name for themselves. The story will focus on 11 idol aspirant girls and their efforts to make it into […]

Anime Given News

Given The Movie Releases BluRay and DVD In February 2021

Given, the yaoi genre series released an anime film last August. Both the anime series and the film have received positive responses from the audience. It is a moving story about love blossoming between young men. The fantastic music is a plus point! The anime film centered on the bassist[…]