Anime Horimiya News

New Promo for ‘Horimiya -piece-‘ Reveals Theme Songs and Release Date

‘Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’ is ready to share new stories like the field trip to Kyoto, the sports festival, and many more. Just a few weeks ago, a bonus ‘Horimiya’ volume was also announced that would contain four new chapters, with one by HERO himself. A new volume and an anime in July,[…]

Anime Blog Karakuri Circus

Is Karakuri Circus anime finished? Should you give it a watch?

Have you ever heard of an anime about circus performers fighting to the death? Yeah, me neither, until I stumbled upon Karakuri Circus. As a fan of shonen anime, I was pleasantly surprised by the unique concept of this series. Karakuri Circus is definitely over the top. But that’s what makes it so […]

Anime News Tsurune

Tsurune: The Linking Shot to Air From January 4, More Cast Revealed

Tsurune is all ready to take the next shot! It hasn’t been quite long since the movie made its way to screens, and the second season was announced right away. If this seemed a little fast to you, here’s another bomb. The second season will be released in just a couple of months. The official[…]

Anime Mashle News

A-1 Pictures Unveils Decorated Staff List for 2023 Anime ‘Mashle’

If you reverse Harry Potter and mold it in anime style, you will be left with ‘Mashle.’ It is set in a world where everyone has magical powers except the protagonist. You might even call it Harry Potter and Black Clover’s illegal child. Mashle is raised away from the city in a forest where he[…]