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Kodansha USA Announces Three New Digital Titles For May Release!

Manga publishing company Kodansha is home to some of the most popular titles across all demographics and genres. To further expand its library, it has also been releasing manga online as well.

Not all the titles are released in print, so it is safe to say that Kodansha’s online library is more extensive than its print titles altogether.

On Thursday, Kodansha USA announced three new titles that will be launched in digital format in May. Let’s have a look at them:

Kodansha USA Announces Three New Digital Titles For May Release!
How to Grill Our Love Volume 1 Cover | Source: Kodansha

1. How to Grill Our Love (Yaiteru Futari)

Author: Shiori Hanatsuka

Launch Date: May 5

Kenta is a 30-year-old barbecue lover who has struggled with dating and relationships. He finds a friend in Chihiro Yamaguchi, a designer. The two bond over barbecue and all goes fine until Kenta has to transfer away. Chihiro proposes to him and they marry each other.

Now the two must work through a long-distance marriage and their lack of experience with socializing. Thanks to some close ones and barbecue, this might get a little smoother.

Kodansha USA Announces Three New Digital Titles For May Release!
Small Nozomi and Big Yume Volume 1 Cover | Source: Kodansha

2. Small Nozomi and Big Yume (Chiisai Nozomi to Ōki na Yume)

Author: Sou Hamayumiba

Launch Date: May 16

Nozomi Koiwa, a high-school girl wakes up one day and finds out that not only she has lost her memories, but she has also lost her height. Escaping a feline assault, she comes across Yume, a NEET who has not left her house for months.

Nozomi somehow convinces Yume that she is the latter’s imagination who has come to save her. She also wants to find out the reason behind what happened to her. However, the two may soon realize that they need each other a lot more than they think.

Kodansha USA Announces Three New Digital Titles For May Release!
The World of Summoning Volume 1 Cover | Source: Kodansha

3. The World of Summoning (Shо̄kan Suru Sekai)

Author: Yūki Kodama

Launch Date: May 30

In a world where anything can be summoned from other worlds, Tokoyo is abandoned and brought up in the Fantasy District. The district is populated with the Summoned and Tokoyo decides to become a Summoner to help them.

On entering Tokyo, where the summoned are discriminated against, he is told that he will never succeed as a Summoner. He then decides to become a bonding link between the humans and the Summoned.

No doubt it is just three titles but did you notice the genres they cover? One is about marriage slice-of-life, the second one is a comedy, and the last one is an action fantasy. This is what we can call a short but diverse range of stories.

Source: Kodansha

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