Manga News

Kodansha USA Announces Three New Digital Titles For May Release!

Manga publishing company Kodansha is home to some of the most popular titles across all demographics and genres. To further expand its library, it has also been releasing manga online as well. Not all the titles are released in print, so it is safe to say that Kodansha’s online library is more[…]

Anime News Sonny Boy

Eerie Summer Anime Sonny Boy by Studio Madhouse Receives Mindbending Trailer

Nagara and his classmates dreamt of spending their summer vacation just like every other high schooler, but who would have known that fate had completely different plans for them? In the ongoing season, Sonny Boy immediately stands out from the crowd. Its unique art style and mind-bending story[…]

Anime Farewell My Dear Cramer News

Farewell My Dear Cramer’s New Trailer Teases Upcoming Anime Film

“Farewell, My Dear Cramer, First Touch” is an upcoming anime film for sports anime lovers. It is also set for an anime series adaptation in April 2021. Tired of the usual sports mangas and the genre being heavily dominated by males? Farewell, My Dear Cramer will be a pleasant break for you.