Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King Gets Two Novel Adaptations!

The battle between Asta and the Wizard Kings draws near as the movie Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King is scheduled for a pre-summer release. The lucky ones who get to watch it in theaters will also get a special volume ‘23.5’ that includes interviews, designs, and a short novel.

Adding to the movie memorabilia, two more novels are said to arrive right before the film’s release.

On Monday, the official Twitter account for the Black Clover manga revealed that the anime film would get two novel adaptations, both on June 9. This marks a week before the film’s release, which is scheduled for June 16.

Release announcement

Written by a movie screenwriter

The movie ” #black clover Magic Emperor’s Sword” will be released on June 16th at Jump J Books.

Is the fastest novelization

Asta VS The Most Evil Magic Emperor!?

An unprecedented battle to the death with a movie original story!

English Translate, Twitter Translation

“Movie Black Clover Magic Emperor’s Sword” is the same size as the comic and will be released on 6/9!

The first edition mentioned above is from Jump J Books. Johnny Onda, the screenwriter for the film, writes it. As per the blurb, it is a must-read for all those who want to know more about the film and have a better experience after watching it.

This book will have 256 pages, with four pages containing illustrations.

Release announcement

The movie ” #black clover Magic Emperor’s Sword” released on 6/16 is the fastest novelization at Shueisha Mirai Bunko!

The new enemy that stands in Asta’s way is the “Successive Magic Emperor”!?

The deadly battle with the most feared enemy now begins…!!

“Movie Black Clover Magic Emperor’s Sword

Novelize Mirai Bunko Edition” will be released on June 9th!

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The second novel edition is from Bunko Mirai, which Kuma Ataro will author. This will be a more traditional novelization and will contain 272 pages with two pages of artwork.

Yuki Tabata, the original creator of the manga, is credited in both novels for the concept.

Although these would not have the additional gossip and art material like the limited-edition Black Clover Volume 23.5, for those who want to keep a part of the movie, it means a lot. Moreover, it is being released ‘before’ the movie! Need I say more?

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About Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King (Black Clover: Mahо̄tei no Ken) is an original movie belonging to the Black Clover franchise. It was released in theaters and on Netflix on June 16, 2023.

The movie will introduce a brand-new character called Conrad Leto. Leto was the wizard king before Julius, and he was loved by all the kingdom’s citizens before he turned against the kingdom and was sealed.

His reappearance will pull Asta and the magic knights into a new battle as he wields the “Emperor’s Sword” and plans to bring back the three most feared wizard kings – Edward Avalaché, Princia Funnybunny, and Jester Galandaros.

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