Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc Announced, Big Trouble for Takemichi!

Takemichi finally returns to the past to fix what has turned out to be the most terrifying future ever. Although he was no longer in Toman, all his comrades ended up dead, including Hina. Meeting Mikey seemed like a sign of hope, but it wasn’t.

Either way, ‘Takemitchy’ had to return once again. If the present was this scary, the past events would have played a big role.

On Sunday, after the finale episode of Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown, the staff announced that the next arc, also known as ‘Tenjiku Arc’ will be adapted for anime. A teaser and visual were also released.


The video shows a new character – Izana Kurokawa, leader of the Yokohama-based gang Tenjiku. Because Kisaki reached out to him, Izana now plans to take over Kanto.

Nobunaga Shimazaki will voice Izana Kurokawa and Tetsu Inada will voice another new character Kanji Mochizuki, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku.

Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc Announced, Big Trouble For Takemichi!
New Tokyo Revengers Visual Featuring Izana Kurokawa | Source: Comic Natalie
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This arc has been one of the most awaited story arcs by fans. Not only Izana turns out to be among the most-loved characters, but Tenjiku Arc also introduces a lot of important characters and contains more action, which the third season somewhat lacked.

I am equally excited to watch the new season. While Toman looked like a team of teenage delinquents, Izana and Mocchi look older and more experienced. You can feel something heavy going on, right?

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About Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers is a manga written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. It began serialization in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine on March 1, 2017, and ended its run in November 2022. It is compiled into 31 tankobon volumes.

The story revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki, who learned that Tokyo Manji Gang had killed his only ex-girlfriend from back in middle school. After learning about the incident, Takemichi was pushed from the railway platform.

Landing on the tracks, he closed his eyes, accepting his death, but when he opened his eyes, he had time-leaped 12 years into the past.

Source: Comic Natalie


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