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Bullbuster Anime Releases its First “Ultra Teaser”!

Bullbuster is preparing for its debut next year. The mecha series is not full-fledged literature as of now but we can certainly expect a lot more from the franchise now that the plans for an anime are coming to fruition. 

On Sunday, Kadokawa released the first motion teaser for the Bullbuster series, titled “Ultra Teaser”. The anime will make its way to TV screens in 2023. The anime has also revealed the main cast and staff for the series. Studio Nut will be in charge of the production.

TVアニメ「ブルバスター」ウルトラティザーPV 2023年放送開始!/TV Anime "BULLBUSTER" Ultra Teaser PV
TV anime “Bullbuster” Ultra teaser PV to start broadcasting in 2023

The teaser surely gives a nice peek at the characters that have been introduced earlier. The main cast members for Bullbuster are listed below:

CharacterCharacter VoicePrevious Work
Tetsuro Okino (Developer of Pilot Bullbuster)Shoya ChibaFire Force (Yu)
Arumi Nikaido (genius pilot)Asami SetoJujutsu Kaisen (Nobara Kugisaki)
Koji Tajima (Hato Industry President)Shinichiro MikiMy Hero Academia (Sir Nighteye)
Miyuki Shirokane (Hato Industry General Affairs and Office)Yuki TakadaAikatsu! (Rin Kurosawa)
Kintaro Kataoka (Hato Industry Accounting)Ken UoUltraman (Mitsuhiro Ide)
Ginnosuke Muto (veteran pilot)Daisuke KusunokiHunter × Hunter (Morel McCarnathy)
Bullbuster Anime Releases Its First “Ultra Teaser”!
Kintaro, Ginnosuke, Koji, Tetsuro, Arumi, and Miyuki | Source: Official Website

The primary staff that will be working on the series has also been revealed. While Hiroyuki Nakao and P.I.C.S. have developed the original concept, Hiroyasu Aoki will be the director. Aoki will also be handling the scripts for the series.

Eisaku Kubonouchi has developed the original character designs. Takayuki Katagiri will be the chief animation director and assist with the character designs for the anime.

Bullbuster was originally released as a concept book in 2017 at the Comiket and COMITIA events. In 2018 and in 2019, two novels were published by Kadokawa. An eight-episode audio drama was also released on Kadokawa’s YouTube Channel in 2022.

As we mentioned before, Bullbuster has not yet been full-fledged written literature as of now. However, we can clearly see the franchise trying to build itself and the world around it. We cannot wait to explore more of what they call an ”economically legitimate robot hero story.”

About Bullbuster

Bullbuster is a robot-hero anime that is part of a multi-media project. The anime is set to release in 2023 and is being produced by Studio Nut.

The anime follows a young engineer named Tetsurō Okino who has developed a new robot named “Bullbuster.” The engineer is transferred to a small company named Hato industries where he has to help them exterminate vermin with the help of his invention.

Hato is a small company dealing with powerful giant beasts and economic woes, including pensions, fuel costs, labor costs, and bullet wastage. Will they be able to navigate their way through the reality of cost and the duty to exterminate the beasts?

Source: Official YouTube

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