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Anime, Manga, and More Projects Revealed for #Compass Franchise 

The real-time strategy game #Compass – Combat Providence Analysis System is getting ready to arrive in a new format. The game has been quite popular for its quick multiplayer battles incorporating elements of a card game and a strategy game.

While the franchise had already stepped into the mixed media territory, it has not been a full-fledged one until now.

On Sunday, at the Nico Nico Chōkaigi 2023 convention, the “Super #Compass” stage panel unveiled a second promo video for an animation project. This project was first announced in December 2022, and the video reveals that it will premiere in 2025.


The new promo shows a battle scene where Jeanne, Amairo, and Fukagawa face Reiya, Gustav, and Ōka. The battle takes place in a virtual-reality environment. Amairo, Jeanne, and Reiya manage to secure portal keys. Jeanne is under attack by Ōka and Gustav, but Fukagawa saves her.

The background music in the trailer is composed by Hachioji-P.

The following cast members have been revealed for the anime project:

CharacterVoice ArtistOther Works
ReiyaSōma SaitōHyōma Chigiri (BLUELOCK) 
Jeanne d’ArcSora AmamiyaChizuru Mizuhara (Rent-A-Girlfriend) 
Tadaomi ŌkaTetsuya KakiharaNatsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail) 
Matoi FukagawaMarina InoueArmin Arlelt (Attack on Titan) 
Gustav HeydrichKazuhiro YamajiHenry Henderson (Spy×Family) 
Amairo KitsunegasakiKana HanazawaMitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) 

A few manga and novel projects were also announced at the panel. One of the manga projects is based on “Alkali Rettōsei”, the character Lyrica’s theme song. It will be launched this summer in the Kadokawa Monthly Comic Gene magazine.

A novel spinoff was also announced, which will get serialized by Kadokawa’s MF Bunko J on August 25. Kinosaki is writing the story with art by Kurowa.

Other manga and novel projects are listed below:

  • Manga: A full-color manga series by Ryūse, Mano, and Chamooi will be published in Kadokawa’s vertical-scrolling webcomic service TATESC Comics. It will feature the characters Tadaomi Ōka, Gustav Heydrich, Rinne Itomeguri, and Reiya.
  • Short-Story: A short-story collection by Mari Kōsaka will be published by Kadokawa’s Beans Bunko. It will feature the characters Amairo Kitsunegasaki, Alice Aoharu, and Marcos’55.
  • Novel: A novel featuring Rinne Itomeguri written by Kaoru Benihara with art by Mano is also announced.

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This is quite a strong start for the #Compass franchise. Although the anime arrives in two years, the novels and manga will allow many of us to understand the story. It will also familiarize us with the characters so we can enjoy the anime better.

About #Compass—Combat Providence Analysis System

#Compass—Combat Providence AnalysiS System (#Compass Sentō Setsuri Kaiseki System) is an online multiplayer real-time strategy game. It was developed by NHN Playart and DWANGO(Nico Nico Douga).

Two teams of three players each battle against each other to capture portal keys on a virtual map. Each battle lasts for three minutes. Players can also collect skill cards that allow them to try new strategies. The game takes the style of ‘Capture the Flag’ while also adding the elements of a battle card game.

Source: Comic Natalie

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