Dark Comedy ‘No Longer Allowed in Another World’ to Debut in 2024

Despite a similar beginning like every isekai adventure, a new world brings out curiosity and determination in the protagonist. While most of them accept their new life right away, there is one who is neither glad nor interested in it.

‘No Longer Allowed in Another World’ tells the story of someone whose suicide pact turned into an accident. Now back to life in a new world, he still seeks to get rid of it, calling himself a disqualified human.

On Tuesday, Kadokawa revealed a new teaser and visual for ‘No Longer Allowed in Another World’. The teaser reveals that the anime will premiere sometime in 2024.

However, no further information about the staff or the voice cast has been revealed as of now.

TVアニメ「異世界失格」ティザーPV No Longer Allowed in Another World Teaser PV

The teaser mainly consists of motion panels, giving an overview of how the story begins. A truck claims the life of the main character ‘Osamu Dazai’ and his partner. Osamu wakes up in a place that looks like a church, where he meets Annette, the guide for all summoned humans.

In the end, right after the title, you get the first look at the animated footage of Osamu as he looks in the anime.

Osamu Dazai is also the name of a real author whose short stories and novels have inspired several animated series. He died on June 13, 1948, by committing a double suicide by drowning, which also serves as the setting.

Dark Comedy 'No Longer Allowed in Another World' to Debut in 2024
New Visual for ‘No Longer Allowed in Another World’ | Source: Official Website

The manga ‘No Longer Allowed in Another World’ was launched in 2019 and is the second collaboration between Hiroshi Noda (writer) and Takahiro Wakamatsu (artist). Previously, they worked together for the manga ‘Love After World Domination’, which ended in 2022 and also inspired an anime series.

Overall, the prelude is different, with Annette being baffled at Osamu’s reaction and indifference. His demeanor resembles ‘Gintoki Sakata’ when he is not busy and reading Jump.

How would an author survive in a new world and probably find a new purpose? We will have to wait for the anime to reveal the answers.

About No Longer Allowed in Another World

No Longer Allowed in Another World (Isekai Shikkaku), also known as No Longer Human…In Another World is a manga series written by Hiroshi Noda and illustrated by Takahiro Wakamatsu. It began serialization on Shogakukan’s Yawaraka Spirits website in October 2019 and has a TV anime adaptation under production.

The story features the famous Japanese author Osamu Dazai as the protagonist. Dazai is hit by a truck and transferred to another world as a hero, but is then deemed unqualified as his power levels are too weak to even survive.

Source: Official Website , Comic Natalie


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