Anime Boruto News

Boruto’s reunion with Shinki

Boruto is hoping to bring back one of the Hokage child’s most dominant opponents – the Sand Villages’ Shinki. As we have observed, all the new generation of children have inherited their parents’ skills. This is the same with Shinki, even though he happens to be the adopted child of Gaara. Garra is the current […]

Anime Code Geass Steins;Gate

Steins Gate vs Code Geass – Which is better?

The difficulty in comparing two masterpieces can be quite jarring. Especially if both of them are polar opposites in terms of genre. But here we are! Steins Gate and Code Geass have successfully established themselves in terms of popularity, plot and characters. The names of Lelouch Lamperouge, Okabe Rintaro and CRISTINA have seeped into mainstream […]

Anime News Tower of God Webtoons

Tower Of God and Noblesse Get Anime Adaptations

2019 has been the year where otakus are always looking for the next big thing to watch. It finally seems like something great is going to launch. As we all know, the manga was developed by the Japanese but spread across borders to inspire other creators. Recently, it emerged that two of South Korea’s most popular ‘manhwa’ get their […]

Anime Boruto News

Sasuke will feature in the new Boruto arc

The Boruto anime adaptation is focusing on fillers. But fans are ready to watch another arc since it is after all, about Naruto’s son. The show has yet to strike the audience with an amazing arc, and next one will hopefully be it. That’s because the next arc is going to feature our favorite- Sasuke […]

Anime Netflix

Enter the Anime…Or Don’t?

Until recently, my entire education in the anime department was restricted to having watched Akira, Princess Mononoke, Ghost in the Shell, Ponyo on the Cliff, Spirited Away and The Animatrix over the last 15 years. Netflix seems to be out to change that. Enter the Anime. I mean that quite literally. Not only is that […]

Movies News

Namor may be the antagonist of the Black Panther sequel

Namor will be the main villain in the sequel to Black Panther. The untitled Black Panther 2 movie has now entered the pre-production phase. Details on the plot of the film are extremely scarce at the moment. There are strong rumors that the scheme of the movie will revolve around Wakanda coming under attack by […]

Anime The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland – Synopsis and Updates

The Promised Neverland returned our expectations 10 times over. The anime introduced us to a seemingly innocent orphanage run by Mama Isabella yet in a matter of 12 episodes, manages to unveil the mortifying set of events that have been taking place at the orphanage. The first episode introduces us to the “loving” environment the […]

Anime Dr. Stone News

Dr Stone New Poster Released

Dr Stone is one of the most anticipated anime series out there. The Dr Stone trailer shows a world where every human turns into stone. After 3700 years, protagonist Senku has a mission to bring every human back to the original form using science. Senku is fascinated by science and is working hard to rebuild […]

Anime Honey and Clover Reviews

Honey and Clover

“Honey and Clover” an odd but endearing name for an anime that is a slice of life. Honey and Clover symbolises the bittersweet element of life and undeniably is one of the most relatable anime series for adults. So how do Honey and Clover manage to hit one’s soft spot? Honey and Clover unlock the […]

DC News

Will Darkseid finish what Steppenwolf started? | New DC Movie

The future of the DC Live-action movies seems a little more secure than ever before. The success of standalone films like Wonder Woman and Aquaman revived the DCEU. Wonder Woman 1984 starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine is slated to be out soon. Birds of Prey starring Margot Robbie will begin filming this month. There are other movies […]

Netflix TV Series

Money Heist Season 3 – Dali is back!

The philosophy of this show is summarised in the phrase ‘Bella Ciao’ – which is an Italian folk song and was adopted as the anthem for the anti-fascist resistance during the Nazi occupation of Italy. The Professor and his crew specifically target the establishment itself. They feel their actions are retribution for all the wrongs […]

Anime News

Gintama Will Be Featured In New Anime Film

Recently, Twitter account Comic Buster Hodogaya posted a picture on Thursday that shows the 77th composed book volume of Hideaki Sorachi’s Gintama manga. The photo revealed that the manga is getting a new anime film. The manga volume is shipped on Friday. Besides this, The “Gintama Shirogane Matsuri 2019” event in March had revealed that a new anime for the franchise was in production.  Gintama […]