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Dr Stone Anime Spot On The Top Of Popularity List

Recently, Shonen Jump held a poll in Japan as well as in America, to find out which characters are favourites for manga readers. The Weekly Shonen Jump, published the results in this year’s 35th issue on Monday. Viz Media published both the Japanese and English versions of the poll on its blog. Viz publishes the blog about the result on Monday. Here how the result goes-

Weekly Shonen Jump’s Dr Stone Popularity Poll (Japan)

  1. Senku
  2. Ryusui
  3. Gen
  4. Ginro
  5. Tsukasa
  6. Kohaku
  7. Suika
  8. Chrome
  9. Byakuya
  10. Francois

Weekly Shonen Jump’s Dr Stone Popularity Poll (Viz)

  1. Senku
  2. Chrome
  3. Gen
  4. Kohaku
  5. Suika
  6. Kaseki
  7. Taiju
  8. Tsukasa
  9. Ryusui
  10. Yuzuriha

Besides this, Anime News Network put a special tweet regarding this poll.

Surprisingly Senku of Dr Stone tops both polls. Scientist Senku may be the number one choice for both polls, but after Senku, the results start to differ. Sailing expert Ryusui Nanami is the second choice in Japan’s results but he stood 9 in Viz’s poll. Gen Asagiri took third place in both polls. So, results aren’t the same but our mad scientist got 1st position in both of the polls. 

Dr Stone Plot

Dr Stone is one of the most anticipated anime series out there. The Dr Stone trailer shows a world where every human turns into stone. After 3700 years, protagonist Senku has a mission to bring every human back to the original form using science. Senku is fascinated by science and is working hard to rebuild civilization using scientific techniques. With the help of his mates (Taiju and Yuzuriha), he is going to rebuild civilisation as he has envisioned.

Who’s been your favourite character of the Dr Stone series so far? What have you enjoyed most about the series? Senku’s scientific mindset? Or Taiju’s kind and lovely behaviour? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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