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Dr. Stone Chapter 135 Delayed Due To Illustrator Being Sick

Looks like Senku fans will have to wait before they see the next adventure of the Kingdom of Science. The series has a total of 134 chapters so far, and the 135th chapter will get delayed. 2020’s combined sixth and seventh issue of Shonen Jump did not publish a new Dr. Stone chapter as the […]

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Gintama Will Be Featured In New Anime Film

Recently, Twitter account Comic Buster Hodogaya posted a picture on Thursday that shows the 77th composed book volume of Hideaki Sorachi’s Gintama manga. The photo revealed that the manga is getting a new anime film. The manga volume is shipped on Friday. Besides this, The “Gintama Shirogane Matsuri 2019” event in March had revealed that a new anime for the franchise was in production.  The […]