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Chris Evans’ Captain America may come back in MCU

Chris Evans nailed the role of Captain America, making the Captain America Trilogy hugely successful. He took the character to heights we never imagined. The character arc satisfied the fan base and the audience and moved on with a smile.

The fact that we may not see The First Avenger again on the big screen was not easy to accept for some fans. Although, the Avengers: Endgame ending left us confused with so many questions about Steve Rogers’ life in the past.


The scoop is that Marvel Studios would like to explore Steve’s adventure when he went back into the time to return the Infinity Stones to their respective timelines in a movie or Disney+ series. Marvel wants to show how Steve reunited with Red Skull and lived a simple life with Peggy Carter. Well, the Russos said that Chris Evans is not necessarily done with the MCU. The ending of Endgame and the life of Captain America is a significant debate amongst fans.

Even the directors and writers presented their different views on how Steve Rogers spent his life in the past and whether he created an alternate timeline or lived in the original timeline.

The time travel rule in Avengers: Endgame is different from other time travel movies. If the rumours are true and Chris Evans is returning as Captain America, it will be exciting to see how Marvel Studios handles the complications of time travel and the consequences of the events that happen in the process.

Captain America became one of our favourites in the past few years and it would be exciting for the fans to see Chris Evans returning as Steve Rogers. For now, we can keep our hopes high and wait for this rumour to become a reality.

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