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Fire Force Mangaka’s Sudden Confession Of Taking No Breaks Worries Fans

The Fire Force manga has been serialized in the Weekly Shonen Magazine since 2015. Yet, the number of breaks that the mangaka has taken is minimal. Recently, the author posted a tweet saying that he has been taking little to no breaks. However, instead of making us feel relieved[…]

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How Zombies Inspired The Series Of Fire Force?- Atsushi Okubo

Fire Force is one of the big hits of 2019 despite having just a handful of episodes out so far. The story reveals “Infernals”. “Infernals” are regular citizens who are possessed by spirits. “Infernals” are denoted as “Zombies” by Atsushi. Besides this, the creator of Fire Force- Atsushi Okubo reveals something at the recent Anime […]