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Fire Force Enters Final Arc As Shinra Enters Adolla to End it All

Fire Force has been capturing hearts ever since its release back in 2015. Like any other Atsushi Ohkube manga, it has that unique flavor along with his signature cartoony art style. Sadly, it will all be ending soon. Atsushi Ohkubo’s Fire Force manga has entered its final arc in the 46th issue[…]

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Who Will Shinra End Up With In Fire Force? (It’s not Iris!)

As the protagonist, Shinra shares great chemistry with other characters, and especially with women. There’s also quite a bit of fanservice that has already given fans a head start in developing their ships. However, the creator of Fire Force, Okubo, doesn’t seem to focus on romance in his works. […]

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All Fire Force Generations Explained – Complete Guide

Fire Force has introduced us to a bizarre world where fire dictates the life and lifestyle of man. What are the Generations in Fire Force? Just like we label society to create some order in the chaos, Fire Force also has sections of society labelled to understand their chaotic world a little better. 1. Fire […]

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Fire Force Season 2 Releases Fantastic New Trailer

Season one of Fire Force aired from July 5th to December 27th, 2019, and left fans craving for more. The devilish smile of Shinra, his fiery capabilities, and the adventures of Company 8 made us interested in the further development of the anime’s plot. Fire Force season two will premiere on July 3rd, and we […]