Fire Force – The Generations Explained

Fire Force has introduced us to a bizarre world where fire dictates the life and lifestyle of man. What are the Generations in Fire Force? Just like we label society to create some order in the chaos, Fire Force also has sections of society labelled to understand their chaotic world a little better.

Before we begin to explain what Generations are – it is important to understand the context in which it emerged and the setting of the world Fire Force is set in.

The setting of Fire Force

Fire Force is set in a world where a Great Disaster engulfed countries in flames and as a consequence, humans have been combusting spontaneously. The nature of these flames and their origins are unknown yet mankind lives in the fear of death by fire – anytime and anywhere. Humans who combust spontaneously transform into what are called Infernals. Depending on how the human endures the pain and the flames – the Infernals may or may not wreak havoc in their surroundings. A Special Fire Force was built to assign superhuman soldiers to put the Infernals to rest and equip them with resources to do so.

Following the Great Disaster, mass immigration took place into what is now called the Tokyo Empire. The Great Disaster destroyed countries but the Tokyo Empire was the only one that remained stable throughout. Therefore, Amaterasu, a thermal power plant that uses those flames, was created to power the Empire and restore order. Under the Empire of Raffles I, humanity was back on track. This immigration has lead to a lot of cultural homogeneity of diverse cultural groups.

Generations in Fire Force

The Generations are the terms assigned to the people according to the degree to which they have adapted the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon. As the mysterious Spontaneous Human Combustion took place, some humans emerged with pyrokinetic abilities through adaptation or evolution. Therefore, the Generations are divided as per their ability to unlock these superhuman abilities that have become the norm now.

1) First Generation

The First Generations are the ones who are consumed by the fire and turn into Infernals. These humans lose a sense of self once they transform and go on a rampage. An Infernal with a sense of self is quite rare. If a person has a strong attachment to life or great willpower, they’re able to keep their consciousness intact. Artificial Infernals are the humans that were turned into Infernals artificially by humans.

Shinra vs Infernal – Fire Force (English Dub)
Shinra vs Infernals

A notable difference between the naturals and unnatural is that only the heads of Artificial Infernals are engulfed in flames.  Infernals usually stay in the same state until their core is satisfied which can go on for centuries. The elements that satisfy their core is unknown to man. The world does not view Infernals with hatred but as beings with lost souls that need to be guided towards the light. The Special Fire Force was put together to exterminate their bodies and purify their souls for their salvation.

2) Second Generation

The Second Generation pyrokinetics are the ones who have slightly adapted to the Human Body Ignition phenomenon in a way that they can manipulate fires. Although they cannot produce flames or fires – they can manipulate and control fires from an external source. The Second Generation pyrokinetics can even manipulate the fires of the First and Third Generations. They use their creativity to manipulate fires for defence or offence as seen by Karim Flam who converts heat energy into the ice with the use of sound.

Fire Force Episode 7 – Karim Flam shows his pyrokinetic ability
Karim Flam (Special Fire Force Company 1) – Second Generation

Maki Oze, another Second Generation pyrokinetic, deflects fires and creates fireballs from her opponent’s fires. Takehisa Hinawa manipulates the flames in firearms to control the impact and trajectory of bullets. Second Generation users usually hide the fact that they’re Second Generation pyrokinetics to trick their opponent into using their powers. Therefore, the Second Generation pyrokinetics tend to mould their ability to maximise their potential.

3) Third Generation

The Third Generation pyrokinetics are the ones who have adapted the Human Body Ignition phenomenon in a way that they can produce flames through a body part. They do not hold the ability of the Second Generation to manipulate fires from an external source. They use the oxygen within their body to create and manipulate flames. They can also use these flames through an object like sword hilts or bubblegum. The drawbacks of these users are if they overuse their ability and exhaust the oxygen, they cannot use their ability until they’ve gathered more.

Shinra Vs Rekka full fight!|Badass Moments From Fire Force
Shinra Kusakabe vs Rekka Hoshimiya

The Third Generation pyrokinetics are seen to be a little more overconfident than the Second Generation users due to the lack of overcompensation they have to make. But they’re as resourceful as the Second Generation users as seen by Shinra Kusakabe using flames produced from his feet for flight and mobility whereas Arthur increases the temperature of the heat to a plasma state – which allows him to cut through things.

4) Fourth Generation

“Further into the manga, it is revealed that there exists a Fourth Generation which consists of the people who awaken the Adolla Burst within them.”

Adolla Burst is the pure unadulterated fire that helped their God create the world but it is the same fire that caused the Great Disaster years ago. As per the anime, it is revealed that Shinra Kusakabe has Adolla Burst within him and just like him, exist many others. It can be inferred that as Generations go by, humans adapt to the sacred fire further and tap its true potential – the wonders of evolution can be quite jarring.


Hybrid Fire Soldier

Fire Force | Shinmon Benimaru
Hybrid Fire Force Soldier – Shinmon Benimaru

A known hybrid of the Second Generation and Third Generation pyrokinetic abilities exist and his name is Shinmon Benimaru. He is known as the mightiest Fire Soldier in the Special Fire Force and displays abilities to produce fire, manipulation of fire from internal and external sources, physical prowess and intelligence capacity that helps him increase his mobility and speed with fire.

Here is a list for the Strongest Soldiers in Fire Force


Shinra Kusakabe has been called a Devil his whole life owing to a tragic incident of fire that killed his mother and brother yet awakened his pyrokinetic abilities. Keeping in mind the promise he made to his family to protect them – Shinra aims to be a hero by joining the Special Fire Force’s Company 8 and restoring order in society. While doing so, he hopes to unravel the mysterious elements associated with the fire that killed his family. As Shinra and Company 8 delve deeper into the world of Infernals and Special Fire Force – they walk a dark path that unveils the cracks and dark secrets within the Special Fire Force and their world.

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