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Who Will Shinra End Up With In Fire Force? (It’s not Iris!)

As the protagonist, Shinra shares great chemistry with other characters, and especially with women. There’s also quite a bit of fanservice that has already given fans a head start in developing their ships. However, the creator of Fire Force, Okubo, doesn’t seem to focus on romance in his works. […]

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Tweet Storm After Latest Trailer of The Flash Season 7 Released

Flash season 7 will flash on the first day of fall. Well, quite literally Twitter exploded after a brand new trailer of The Flash came out on September 1. There are more than just hints of what to expect in the plot and fans cant wait for Season 7 that is expected to be out in […]

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Is Sister Iris the Eight Pillar? Is she evil?

After the release of Fire Force Season two episode one, the fans are raving about the improved animation and introduction of a new type of infernal. However, in the preview of episode 2, we see Shinra going berserk and becoming a devil. When he is under the control of the Adolla Link, he sees a […]