Hulu Mrs. America Reviews TV Series

Is Mrs. America Any Good? A Full Review

It is hard to imagine a time when the law differentiated between men and women based, categorically, on their sex. Set in the 70s decade in America, Mrs. America revolves around the initial stages of the second wave of feminism-the evolution of the solidarity of women, the structuring of the Equal Rights Amendment…

Culture Shock Hulu Movies Reviews

Culture Shock Review: Best Of Into The Dark?

Carrying forward with its tradition of basing one episode on an American holiday, the tenth episode of Into The Dark premiered on the American Independence Day. Called Culture Shock, the episode/movie revolves around the immigrant crisis, especially the one near…

Hulu Movies Reviews Treehouse

Treehouse (Into The Dark) Review: Is It Worth A Watch?

Hulu’s Into The Dark series has a unique format: each episode is inspired by one American holiday. Treehouse, which premiered in the first week of March, is related to International Women’s Day and is heavily influenced by the #MeToo movement. Does Treehouse make a mark…

Hulu News TV Series

How To Resolve Hulu’s Error 94?

In yet another Hulu Errors Nightmare Resolution we have the omnipresent Code 94 for y’all. Tired of the unwelcome guest whenever you plan an intense binge session? Well here’s the solution to Hulu’s Error 94. Error 94 can show up both while streaming and during the launch process of Hulu. It usually indicates an issue with […]

Hulu Looking For Alaska Reviews TV Series

Looking For Alaska Review: Does the series get it right?

John Green will probably be known as the author of The Fault In Our Stars forever. But Looking For Alaska, his first book, is arguably a better young adult story. With a heartfelt story and unique characters, Looking For Alaska is definitely a thought-provoking book…

Das Boot Hulu Reviews TV Series

Das Boot Review: Was A Reboot Really Necessary?

Das Boot is a franchise with a legacy. And most of it is good. Fans of war movies consider it to be a franchise that is true to the events of World War II but is equally adrenaline pumping. Das Boot was first a book, written by Lothar-Günther Buchheim, which was then adapted by Wolfgang Petersen […]

Abandoned Documentary Hulu Reviews

Abandoned HULU Review: The Best Travel Show?

Reality shows have a tendency of amplifying events to get a reaction out of the audience. Abandoned is far from those hyperreal shows. It is a solemn look at regions that have been left behind for various reasons. It is an unusual take on travel-based reality television, that is extremely well-executed.

Hulu News TV Series

Are You Getting the Hulu 500 Error? Here’s How You Can Fix It

If you are sincere Hulu fan then Error 500 is something you might have become best friends with by now. Whether using the official app or website using a web browser, this error could follow you everywhere. However, Hulu 500 error is a common occurrence with browsers while streaming through…

Hulu Reviews The Accident TV Series

Review: Is The Accident Any Good? Worth A Watch?

Accidents can have far-reaching consequences. The Accident on Hulu is a story that centres on a close-knit town that is awaiting good news when a terrible accident befalls them. As the town tries to cope with the loss, several questions arise prompting the viewers to think- was the accident really an accident?

Hulu Reprisal Reviews TV Series

Is The Reprisal any good? Worth your time?

They say blood makes you related but it is loyalty that makes you family. But what happens when your own family plans your death? Reprisal is a classic story about revenge, family and betrayal. From the executive producers of Fargo and The Handmaid’s Tale, the show has all the elements of a great thriller story. […]

How I Met Your Mother Hulu Reviews TV Series

Review: What’s All The Fuss About How I Met Your Mother?

How I Met Your Mother is one of the most popular sitcoms of the 2000s. It revolves around one guy’s quest to find his soulmate, ‘the one’ whom he can eventually marry. Soppy as it sounds, the show is a hilarious take on love and friendship. His search for the perfect woman takes him on […]

Anime Assassination Classroom Watch Order

How to Watch Assassination Classroom anime? Easy Watch Order Guide

Assassination Classroom has a strange premise. Basically, the only way to save the Earth from destruction is by teaching mean, edgy and delinquent teens the art of assassination from a weird yellow octopus-like alien who wants to destroy the planet. If you think that’s bizarre, we’ve only scratched the surface! Apart from regular studies, students […]