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MHA 331: Shigaraki Reveals Secrets of Star and Stripe’s Invincible Quirk

Ever since All for One expressed the desire to steal Star and Stripe’s quirk, we knew it was going to be something out of the ordinary.

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As it turns out, New Order is bonkers. This quirk allows Star and Stripe to change the properties of anything she is touching. She does this by making physical contact, calling out the target’s name, and assigning a rule to it. 

While this may seem unbeatable at first, there are certain limitations to New Order, as pointed out by Shigaraki in chapter 331.

MHA 331: Shigaraki Reveals Secrets of Star and Stripe’s Invincible Quirk
Shigaraki | Source: Official Website

Her quirk grants her almost infinite freedom when it comes to non-living things, but she is limited with her rules when it comes to the living. For example, she can’t give herself infinite strength or just touch a target and command it to die.

Also, the quirk’s manifestation is limited by Star and Stripe’s understanding of the target’s name. That’s why Shigaraki’s heart didn’t stop in the last chapter, because even his understanding of self was hazy, making Star and Stripe’s interpretation of him as Shigaraki Tomura incorrect.

Although these are the only limitations recognized by Shigaraki, there might be a few that we aren’t aware of yet. On the other side, there might be other hidden strengths as well.

It seems like her two rule limit might be bogus, or at least breakable under certain conditions.

MHA 331: Shigaraki Reveals Secrets of Star and Stripe’s Invincible Quirk
Star and Stripes | Source: Fandom

She seems to be using the two rules to deliver the Keraunos attack while standing on the aircraft. Maybe rules imposed on her own body can coexist with other ones for a short time, making it seem like there are three rules in play simultaneously.

All for One stated how if he could get this quirk, the war would just be a formality. Well, it is easy to see why.

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Source: My Hero Academia Chapter 331

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