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World Trigger Season 3 Gives A Peaceful Debut Episode Before the Chaos

World Trigger season 3 became one of the top trends in Japan as soon as it premiered. The first episode packed a lot of emotions and nostalgia as we all got a glimpse of how Border was established.

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Other than that, we got to see Hyuse’s first day as a member of the Mikumo Squad of the Tamakoma Branch. The excitement for the premiere was off the roof, and needless to say, it met the fan’s expectations.

Toei Animation’s World Trigger anime’s season 3 premiered on October 10, 2021, delivering a peaceful first episode before the season’s real action begins.

The season premiered on Crunchyroll worldwide, giving fans a smooth and high-quality experience of the brilliant sci-fi anime. It is rumored to have 12 episodes, similar to the second season.

Episode 1 of this season is titled ‘New Start,’ signifying the Hyuse’s addition to Mikumo Squad and how it means that they’re stronger than ever. The squad is ready to take on the new challenges that the season has in store for them.

Moreover, some new staff also joined the protagonists at the Tamakoma Branch, one of whom happens to be a part of Border’s founding members. 

Yuri Rindou, Takumi’s niece, is one of the earliest Border members and now serves as the Tamakoma’s operator.

Yuri reminisces over the past and after Osamu hands him a photograph of Border’s initial days that he found in his new room. Osamu started living at the branch and was given a room that previously belonged to Masamune Kido.

World Trigger Season 3 Gives a Peaceful Debut Episode Before the Chaos
Osamu Mikumo | Source: Fandom

Through Yuri, Osamu gets to know that the Tamakoma Branch was Border’s first-ever headquarters with a cheerful bunch of people who maintained the idea that not all Neighbours are enemies. That is also the philosophy Tamakoma runs on as the branch tries to pursue friendly relations and ally ships with their Neighbours.

Hyuse tests out his new triggers against Yuma in a sparring match that he eventually loses, proving Yuma is still more powerful. He also clarifies that he will be acting on his own and will ignore Osamu’s orders if he wants to ensure their victory.

I feel like season 3 will surpass seasons 1 and 2 in action, animation, and plot. I have high expectations from it, and I think the season will deliver a thrilling experience.

Moreover, I am excited to see Hyuse’s character development as he spends more time with the Tamakoma Branch’s members. Right now, he seems like a cold and distant person who wants nothing else but fulfilling his goals.

But, spending time with a bunch as wholesome and eccentric as the Tamakoma Branch, I doubt he’ll be able to act like that anymore.

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About World Trigger

World Trigger, also known in short form as WorTri, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. It was initially serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from February 2013 to November 2018 and later transferred to Jump Square in December 2018.

A mysterious white-haired kid named Yūma Kuga gets transferred to the local school. Turns out, Kuga is actually a humanoid or ‘neighbor.’ In school, he becomes friends with another student, Osamu Mikumo, who is, in fact, an undercover C-class Border trainee. Mikumo becomes the perfect guide for Kuga to save him from being discovered by Border.

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