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Sword Art Online: Integral Factor – What are the issues with the game?

If you are a Sword Art Online fan, you’ll enjoy this game as you experience and influence the world of Aincrad and influence it.The game poses many “what-if” questions, letting you alter your own reality in Aincrad, which is obviously the most exciting aspect of RPG games. Fans and gamers praised it[…]

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Bandai Namco and Akira Toriyama Unveil New Project: SAND LAND

Remember that mini manga series called SAND LAND that Akira Toriyama published back in 2000? Well, if you loved that story, you’ll be thrilled to hear that it’s getting revived. As many know, Akira Toriyama is known for the Dragon Ball universe, but he also has some highly underrated works in[…]

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New One Piece Odyssey Trailer Shows Hysteria and Bond Arts!

One Piece Odyssey will be arriving in a couple of months and from the looks of it, fans certainly want to give it a try. Following the earlier pattern of Alabasta, a second gameplay trailer has been revealed which shows more of the Water 7 area, with some other combat features not mentioned before[…]

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Bandai Namco Confirms February Debut of ‘Tales of Symphonia’ Game

The Tales series is one of the most beloved game universes, and its fan following is proof of that. Given its popularity, any new updates from the franchise create chaos on another level. While all of its installments are equally phenomenal, Tales of Symphonia stands out even among them. The[…]

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Dragon Ball: The Breakers’ New PV Teases 7 Vs. 1 Gameplay and Beta Testing

With Dragon Ball: The Breakers, Bandai Namco is exhibiting its experimental spirit. I don’t think any other anime has received a seven vs. one game with an overpowered villain yet, but fans are excited to try it soon. For those who want to try the game before it hits the market, Bandai Namco[…]

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Bandai Announces New Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation Game

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation games stand out from the rest, even among the huge collection of Gundam games. The 6v6 combat system in both land and space with customizable Mobile Suits trumped every game before them. The last game of the franchise came out back in July 2018. After three[…]

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Upcoming iDOLM@STER Live Event Suffers Setback as Megumi Toda Set to Miss!

The upcoming “iDOLM@STER Million Live” event titled “7th LIVE Q@MP FLYER!!! Reburn” suffered a huge blow as one of the performers will not be able to attend the spectacular show. One of the most successful musical franchises of all time, The Idolmaster has inspired several video games, social […]

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Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Tekken 7 Season Pass 4 In Fall 2020

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Tekken 7 is the ninth fighting game in the overall Tekken series. The U.S Bandai Namco Entertainment announced through Twitter that Tekken 7 would launch a fourth season that will introduce free updates such as new moves for the entire set of characters, many online[…]

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Little Nightmares II Video Game Debuts in February 2021

Bandai Namco Entertainment is a Japan-based company that specializes in game development. It publishes games as well. It’s subsidiary branches are Bandai Namco US and UK. Amongst the highest-grossing games of Bandai Namco are Gundam, Pacman, Tekken, and more. It also produces anime-themed games. Bandai Namco has produced games based on famous anime-themed games. Bandai Namco…

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Bandai Namco Entertainment Summer Sales On Anime Games!

Bandai Namco is a Japanese company that develops games, anime, merchandise, and arcades. It is based in Tokyo and was formed when the companies Bandai and Namco merged in 2005. Bandai Namco Entertainment, a branch of the company, specializes in designing games. The highest-grossing games of the company are Pac-Man and Tekken. It is one […]

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxiboost ON releases Live- Action Trailer

Bandai Namco Entertainment is a Japanese video game developer and publisher. The company has been responsible for publishing various game adaptations of anime like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series. Bandai has also published non-anime games like the famous Dark Souls Trilogy. The video game […]