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Why doesn’t Asta have any mana? Will he be able to use it?

Asta, born without Mana and magic, and Yuno, born being loved by Mana, were left at a church in Hage village together. The reason behind Yuno being loved by mana and his prodigious use of magic is his background as a royalty of the spade Kingdom and him being the reincarnation of Tetia and Licht’s […]

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Who Is Stronger Asta Or Yuno? Is Asta Stronger Than Yuno?

Asta’s long-drawn process of fulfilling his dream of becoming the next Wizard King is finally materializing and pushing the story forward. The story started with Asta’s disadvantageous position as a non-magic user in a world that considered magic a norm. His alterity was a fine contrast to his frenemy Yuno – an adept user of […]

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William Vangeance or Licht? – The Truth

Black Clover is one of the top trending anime series these days. There are many factors for its’ success – from the compelling personalities of the protagonists, Yuno and Asta, to the battle prowess of Magic Knights Captains. Black Clover is easy to fall in love with. In the latest episode it is revealed that […]