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William Vangeance or Licht? – The Truth

William Vangeance always has a mask on, and fans have started to wonder whether it is because he is hiding his identity as Licht. As the captain of Golden Dawn, the top-ranking guild, there’s no reason for anyone to doubt Vengeance. He has always been someone the Wizard King and everyone from the Clover Kingdom […]

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Strongest Magic Knight Captains In Black Clover So Far, Ranked!

Black Clover manga is currently exploring the Spade Kingdom arc, which seems to be the most phenomenal action-packed arc by far. However, its preceding arc — the Elf Resurrection arc disrupted the balance of strengths between various Magic Knights since the people who got taken over have retained the mana of the elves. This disruption in strengths led us […]

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Yami vs Dante Continues: Who is stronger? Is it Yami?

Black Clover manga is currently following the events of Spade Kingdom arc. All three members of the Dark Triad have headed out to secure their targets for their grand plan of reviving the tree of Qlipoth and bring devils to this world. While Zenon and Vanica secured William Vangeance and Queen Lolopechka quite easily, their […]

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Which is the strongest Kingdom in Black Clover?

Black Clover enters a highly volatile arc and goes beyond the barriers of the Clover Kingdom for this one. The manga currently rests at chapter 235 with the Clover Kingdom’s most powerful squad Golden Dawn feeling the heat of the impending doom the Spade Kingdom offers for the world. The arc’s construct is opening itself […]