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William Vangeance or Licht? – The Truth

Black Clover is one of the top trending anime series these days. There are many factors for its’ success – from the compelling personalities of the protagonists, Yuno and Asta, to the battle prowess of Magic Knights Captains. Black Clover is easy to fall in love with. In the latest episode it is revealed that the captain of Golden Dawn, William Vangeance is the leader of The Eye of The Midnight Sun.

It is the story of Asta and his foster brother Yuno, who traveled to the central city of Clover Kingdom and started their lives as Magic Knights. Both have a shared dream – to become the next Wizard King. A feat that makes the common saying, ‘Easier said than done,’ sound like golden words.

We know that Royal Knights have infiltrated the hideout of The Eye of The Midnight Sun. The fight between Raia, The Disloyal and Mereoleona Vermillion – The Lioness, continues in Mereoleona’s favor. After seeing the battle, outgunned or over powered doesn’t even come close to defining the difference between her and Raia’s strength. What we thought would be a death battle, turned out to be a one-woman show.

While we were recovering from the battle, another bomb just dropped right in front of us. Yami is still waiting for William to arrive, but William approaches Wizard King on a tower where Julius is waiting for him. The ever-changing doubts and theories get some clarity when William reveals the truth about himself. It seems like William Vangeance is not the only soul in his body. YES, it is true. William Vangeance, the captain of Golden Dawn, shares his body with a reanimated body of an elf, Licht.

Licht was the leader of the elves, who were supposedly massacred by the humans of Clover Kingdom and is reincarnated in the body of William. Apart from Julius, Licht is the only friend William had since childhood; hence, he couldn’t choose between Licht and Julius Novachrono. While giving the consciousness of the body to Licht, William asks them to decide for him and the battle between the Wizard King Julius Novachrono and the Leader of Eye of The Midnight Sun, Licht, commences. A few minutes into the battle, Julius shows Licht why he’s the Wizard King by easily overpowering him.

That’s it for today guys. While the episode revealed the highest truth, it still left us in confusion about who the winner between Licht and Julius will be. Is this all the truth about Licht? What exactly happened to the Elves? What is the real incarnation?

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